adrian peterson

Adrian Peterson ran for 146 yards and 1 td  vs Texas Tech on October 2, on only 22 carries

"I can't imagine him in high school. He's a man among boys at the NCAA level." (FSN play by play dude, after AD kicked two Red Raiders to the curb on his way into the end zone from the 2 yard line) from KCSooner

AD vs TECH stats:
22 carries, 146 yards and 1 TD, longest run was 61 yards

AD had a great long run called back because of a hold by Jammal Brown, it's ok Jammal is all world. AD was down for a minute, everyone feared the worst, but he got up and jogged to the sideline. He came back into the game after that. Tashard Choice got the rest of the carries and ran well. Tashard has 16 carries for 71 yards. OU is stacked at RB. Well we are stacked at QB too, and WR. The D pulled a 'bend but don't break'. Tech scored their only TD with 4 minutes left to go in the game.

Photos from the Texas Tech game