Heisman Trophy hopefuls Jason White and Adrian Peterson of Oklahoma, and Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush of USC participated in a taped Q&A on Fox Sports Network's college football pre-game show last weekend.

Jason White directed this comment at Matt Leinart: ''I want to know how you balance your time between football, the Hollywood spotlight and all the girls.''

Said Leinart: ''Well, Jason, it's tough. Football, school, all the girls. Ö You have to come out here one time and go out.''

Also on the FSN show, Bush said to Adrian Peterson: ''Hey, Adrian, they call me 'the President.' What's your nickname?''

Said Adrian Peterson: ''A.D. It stands for all day. Ö My daddy gave it to me when I was younger. Ö Whatever I did, I did it all day.''

If you want to mention Ok. State passing on OU, and A&M. Please also mention OU was without Antonio Perkins, OU's number 1 CB, both games. And before halftime of the A&M game, OU brought in freshman Marcus Walker. And A&M's passing game, disappeared. OU has Perkins back, Walker is starting. OU's pass D will kick butt. Pool, Perkins, Nicholson, are all sure NFL players. Walker is on his way. That's a weak secondary? Essentially, in the OSU game, OU played their #3 and #4 cornerbacks. So ESPN, you want to talk about OU's D, talk about OU's injured number 1 CB, who is BACK, and talk about Marcus Walker, becoming a starter.

ESPN poll

1) Who has the better quarterback?
 70.8%   Oklahoma - Jason White
 29.2%   Auburn - Jason Campbell

2) Who has the better running back?
 62.0%   Oklahoma - Adrian Peterson
 38.0%   Auburn - Carnell ''Cadillac'' Williams

It's just wrong

USC getting a Free Ride subscription needed

Adrian Peterson article by Skip Bayless: Let Peterson go pro, please

Adrian Peterson nominated for the Doak Walker award

OU rap song by Blake O. & SuperSmith - go to music, no 1 team

Maybe Callahan needs to go back to the NFL

BCS Standings are out

Vs. Nebraska, Adrian Peterson ran the ball 15 times, for 58 yards. Adrian Peterson did not start. Word is Adrian Peterson is feeling better this week, (compared to last week) and I predict a big game for AD Saturday. Tune into Fox Sports Net at noon eastern.

No Adrian Peterson, no problems, Sooners in a rout

AP Poll has OU & Auburn Tied

Coaches Poll

From CFN: Why is USC getting a free pass? Why is there the assumption that itís between Oklahoma and Auburn to see who gets the number two slot to play for the national championship? Why isnít USC in the mix? No one is saying USC isnít one of the top two teams in America, if not number one, but everyone is assuming USC belongs in the national title game just because it started the season ranked number one. It didnít earn the number one spot; it was given the number one spot. No one is even considering the possibility that Auburn and Oklahoma might actually be better. Now it gets down to who deserves to be playing for the national championship and itís not fair to simply assume USC is the nationís best team without looking hard at everyone's body of work examining all of the big wins (more on this in a moment). Has everyone forgotten how close USC came to losing to Virginia Tech? How about the close call against a Stanford team that wonít come close to going to a bowl? Are we supposed to be impressed by beating up a Pac 10 thatís not all that strong? Does winning the Pac 10 compare to winning the SEC or Big XII? Everyone needs to realize that there are three teams in this mix and make this a three team race. It's only fair to Auburn and Oklahoma..

It'd be great to let the media account for this. Hello GAMEDAY