Peterson humble despite success

Date: Nov 3, 2004

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Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson talks about his performance against Oklahoma State and other topics. Peterson currently ranks 3rd nationally in rushing averaging 159 yards per game.

Adrian Peterson is still the darling of the college football world. This week he was named the Big 12 Offensive Player of the Week, the Cingular/ABC Player of the Week and the Maxwell Player of the Week.

AD is still ranked number one or two in every Heisman poll that you see. And unless he falls apart, it looks like he and Jason White will both be making a trip to New York City for the Heisman ceremonies.

Recently, after practice, AD as humble as ever talked to for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: You had your longest run of the season (80 yards) against Oklahoma State. Are things beginning to slow down for you enough that you are seeing the field better?

AD: “I think that things are beginning to get better for me. The holes have been there for me and I can think of so many situations where I got tripped up or just missed getting totally through the hole. I think this past week that things worked out for us and I got through the holes better. The holes were there and I had a chance to get between them. This week we are going to be even better.”

JH: On that 80-yard run it wasn’t totally clean for you, as you had to do a complete spin at the line of scrimmage. The hole wasn’t totally there at the beginning was it?

AD: “The hole was there, but when I hit up in there the cornerback or a defensive tackle or somebody had moved over in there. So, I decided to spin to see if I could avoid the tackle, and I guess that move is becoming a second effort for me. It worked so I will use that move again. To be honest, I don’t know when I am going to use it or not. You can’t plan moves, so it doesn’t make any difference because I am running on natural ability.

JH: Did you know who you spun away from?

AD: “No, sir. I didn’t.”

JH: It was XLK, a 340-pound plus defensive lineman. What do you think about that?

AD: “Oh, well. I just kept my feet moving and spun around. It doesn’t matter how big he is if he doesn’t have a good hold on me. My job is to make sure they don’t have a good hold on me because players at this level can tackle well. If they get a good hold on you then it is tough to get away.”

JH: You had 33 carries this past week and 36 the week before. Aare you still strong at the end of the game?

AD: “I think I am still feeling pretty good.”

JH: You are not sore after games or more sore than normal now that you are carrying the football a bunch?

AD: “I guess I am sore on Monday, but it is not too bad.”

JH: How long does it take you to bounce back?

AD: “I totally rest on Sunday because by Monday we are back watching film and it is time to get it going again. I am OK by Monday.”

JH: “You are the National Player of the Week for a couple of different services. What do you think of the honors?

AD: “I think it is pretty cool. I give all the credit to my offensive linemen, who are the best group of linemen in the country. I also give credit to the receivers and all the other guys who block for me. They make every run possible for me. I really don’t think about the awards that much, but if they are going to give them to me it is a great honor.”