14 carries, 3 yards, longest run 4 yards, an aberration. Look for Adrian Peterson to get back on track this weekend

VIdeo Highights: Adrian Peterson returns to the field vs the Lions, soundtrack "Purple Haze"
Daniel Brown on the NFL: Peterson a formidable foe for 49ers
Peterson zooms back to the head of the class
How Good Is Adrian Peterson?

Apparently Kenoy Kennedy can't hold AD's jock, and he can't hold onto his own, as AD juked his jockstrap off.
Knee Brace? No problem, Adrian Peterson ran 15 times for 116 yards for 2 touchdowns, he has 1 reception for 10 yards, he split carries with Chester Taylor who had 14 carries for 70 yards and a TD. Minnesota pounded the Lions 42 - 10. Hey Kitna you still winning 10 games? Keep Praying.

Not only is he the best back in NFL HISTORY, he can balance a football on his helmet for 1 hour 3 minutes!

Adrian Peterson (knee) has been upgraded to probable for Week 13. He will play Sunday despite being "limited" all week.

Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress says that Adrian Peterson's MRI shows "excellent healing" of a partially torn knee ligament. As of right now, nothing's guaranteed, but from what Childress tells the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, it seems Peterson will be available for a limited role this Sunday against the Lions.

Asked about how Peterson might be used upon his return, Childress said: "I would say we'll ease him back in. You're not going to go back there and turn over the whole load to him. Those guys [Chester Taylor and Peterson] have been good playing off each other. There are conditioning factors involved, there's fatiguing factors involved when you get involved in playing a 65 or 70 play game. We'll have a pulse on how he practices and who gets what."

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If Peterson makes it through full week of practice, he'll play Sunday (espn.com 11/26/07)

RB Adrian Peterson and CB Antoine Winfield are among the Vikings gameday deactivations today.

Peterson warmed up this morning at Giants Stadium and did some football-specific drills with athletic trainer Eric Sugarman and running backs coach Eric Bieniemy. But there was never much of a chance that Peterson would play today, two weeks after he tore the lateral collateral ligament in his right knee.

The good news is that Peterson’s progress during the past 13 days all but ensures he will be available in some capacity for next week’s game against NFC North rival Detroit.

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that rookie RB Adrian Peterson is expected to practice on a limited basis on Wednesday, an encouraging sign that he will be back before the end of the season. On Monday, coach Brad Childress called it a "longshot" that Peterson would play in Week 12.

Fantasy slant: At this point, do not expect Peterson to play this week, but don't rule him out for Week 13 vs. Detroit just yet. If he did play, owners would have to cautiously start him since he'd be playing on a damaged knee ligament. We'll keep you posted.

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Jay Glazer says AD's injury could have been much worse

Vikings RB Adrian Peterson will donate the uniform he wore Nov. 4 to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, to commemorate his record-setting 296-yard rushing performance against the San Diego Chargers. The Vikings will have a ceremony Thursday at Winter Park with Joe Horrigan, Vice President of the Hall of Fame.

Peterson could return to the field as early as Nov. 25 after tearing the lateral collateral ligament in his right knee Sunday against Green Bay. A more likely return is Dec. 2 against Detroit.

Peterson talks about his thoughts right after the injury (291.2KB)

Vikings Head Athletic Trainer Eric Sugarman spent time explaining Peterson’s injury to reporters on Monday afternoon, complete with props and diagrams. According to Sugarman, on a scale of 1-3, Peterson suffered a 2+ tear, which is in the “sprain category.” He also has a bone bruise on the inside of his knee. The knee is stable, and the injury is isolated to only the LCL, which means Peterson is in no immediate danger of injuring any other knee ligaments.

Paul Perillo "if he plays again this year, they all should be fired" Paul can be found at PFW

Peterson Injury Worse than Indicated?
"It's not realistic," Dr. Benjamin the Press's Sean Jensen. "Saying it's a Grade 2-plus [tear] is the doctors trying to give coach [Brad] Childress and all the Viking faithful some hope."
"But it's a torn ligament, and a torn ligament is going to take six weeks to heal. And that's for someone like a doctor or news writer, who doesn't go out there and make cuts like Adrian Peterson obviously does."

Adrian Peterson has a ligament tear

It’s uncertain how much time Peterson will miss but the Vikings certainly aren’t going to take any chances with the injury. He isn’t expected to need surgery. (The LCL holds the outside of the knee together, keeping the leg from collapsing outwards.)
The damage is to the lower third of the ligament, Childress said. “What they do is they identify it both clinically and with an MRI and they go ahead and grade it with a three being the worst and one being the least,” Childress explained. “He’s got a two-plus tear in that ligament.”

Childress said the “good news” is that Peterson’s knee otherwise is stable. “The PCL, ACL, meniscus, all the other structures are good in that knee,” Childress said. “If it was a lineman they would be braced up and play, maybe. We’ll reserve judgment on what’s appropriate for that at the time. Everybody heals differently.”

KARE 11 News interview with Adrian Peterson video

Dickerson hopes Peterson doesn’t break his record
“He has a good shot at doing it. I hope he doesn’t, to be honest,” Dickerson said. “You want those records as long as you can. That’s part of having the record, your name gets brought up, and it’s great for him and it’s great for me.”

McCree's 'horse-collar' tackle on Vikes' Peterson draws $10K fine

Peterson stands way above fellow hyped rookies

Adrian Peterson: Big Business As "Purple Jesus"

Highlights of Adrian Peterson's First 8 Games

Video Adrian Peterson record setting game vs the Chargers

adrian peterson and LT
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Slide Show: Finally, a home to brag about: Adrian Peterson's first home

You can start a franchise with either LaDainian Tomlinson or Adrian Peterson, who do you take?

Peterson provides huge challenge (Chargers.com) Lots of quotes from the Chargers on facing ADadrian peterson greatness

Peterson did an interview with CBS Sports and claimed he was named the team's starter "from now on."

Brad Childress says that Adrian Peterson's workload "will increase as we go through the rest of the football season."

Adrian Peterson had 12 carries, for 63 yards, 1 TD. He had 1 fumble. Why did he have only 12 carries? if Childress is protecting him from injury, then why is AD taking kickoffs? Stop the kick offs and give him 22 to 25 carries a game. He is the offense in Minnesota.

On NFL GameDay Sunday, Deion Sanders said the seventh overall choice out of Oklahoma has the vision of Marshall Faulk, the speed of Terrell Davis and the power of Eric Dickerson but hopes he also has the staying power of Emmitt Smith.

The Vikings are sticking with their running back rotation, but they made one change coming out of the bye week, keeping a running count of exactly how many times Peterson and Chester Taylor touched the ball.

"We were ballparking the first few games," Childress said.

Including one reception and four kickoff returns, Peterson had 25 touches to Taylor's 22 at Chicago, and Childress said that's roughly the ratio of distribution he's looking for in his rotation.

How do you top that?" Peterson said. "I guess you top that by breaking that record. But that's not going to be my main focus. I'm just going to take it one week at a time."

Today on Around the Horn, the 4 "reporters" were asked if AD is the best running back in the NFL, Jay Mariotti, who actually was at the game yesterday, said YES. The other 3 said no, LT is.

Jaworski: Vikings' Peterson Already Is the NFL's Best Pure Runner

We're all lucky to witness Peterson's awakening ESPN.com
"If he wasn't real, I'd think he was Xbox'd. One hundred three yards in his first game as a pro ... off the bench. One hundred fifty yards against the Chiefs in Week 3. In Week 4 against the Packers -- 112 yards (on only 12 carries and 108 of those yards came in the first half before the coach stopped giving him the ball in the second half). The third highest total yards by one person (361) in a game in NFL history Sunday."

Chris Berman & Tom Jackson talk about Adrian Peterson Video

See Adrian Peterson & The Minnesota Vikings Live! Click here for Tickets

Adrian Peterson leads the NFL in rushing, with 607 yards (in only 5 games). LT has 527, and is in second.

AD's 361 total yards, ranks 3rd in NFL history! Keith Olbermann, on NBC's Football in America, joked, "If we had to show you all of Adrian Peterson's highlights, we'd be here till Thursday" Pics

Adrian Peterson rushed for 224 yards on 20 carries, 3 rushing touchdowns, 1 reception of 9 yards and returned 4 kickoffs averaging 32 yards per return, longest being 53 at the end of the game to set up field goal to win it.

Before the game, during the week. Urlacher on Adrian Peterson "He's a good young running back. He runs hard. But he doesn't remind me of anybody." Who does he remind you of now Brian?

Adrian Peterson at the 2007 Red River Rivalry
adrian peterson red river rivalry

Adrian Peterson is named NFL Rookie of the Month for September

Rookie of the Month Video

Vikings wasting Peterson's talent

Adrian Peterson, 12 carries for 112 yards vs the Packers, 1 reception for 6 yards. 3 kick off returns avergaging 32 yards per return, (BEST in the NFL yesterday, yes, better AVG than Hester) Why aren't the Vikings giving him the ball more?

adrian peterson

Rookie Adrian Peterson is doing too much for Minnesota Vikings' offense

Peterson sits out final drive after big game Adrian Peterson accounted for over 60% of the Vikings offense vs the Chiefs, and Childress has him on the sideline? Screw the hail mary, screen to AD gives you a better chance at a big play. Once Chester comes back I hope Childress doesn't make the mistake of taking carries away from Adrian Peterson.

The Pride of Palestine: Texas Town Follows Its Star

If Vikings gave more touches to Peterson, they would have beaten Lions

Make sure you start AD in your fantasy leagues this weekend. FantasySharks.com says
"Adrian Peterson, Minnesota (vs. Detroit): One injury to Taylor and a solid performance by Peterson was all it took to land him on the Start list for the first time this season. Peterson looked real strong against the Falcons posting 163 total yards and a TD. If you saw what Lamont Jordan did against the Lions last week, you'll understand why Peterson is a solid play this week."

Vote for Adrian Peterson for NFL Rookie of the Week

Mike Florio, Sportingnews.com & Profootballtalk.com, writes....

Vikings should ditch two-back approach

Vikings coaches opened the season intending to split touches between starter Chester Taylor and backup Adrian Peterson. It's time to dump those plans. It's trendy in the NFL to have two capable tailbacks. After all, the Colts and Bears each rode that approach to Super Bowl 41.

Still, there is something to be said for having a workhorse who can stay on the field, run with speed and power and make huge contributions in the passing game. The Vikings have that in Peterson, who was thrust into the spotlight when Taylor sustained an early hip injury Sunday. Peterson hit the ground soaring -- rushing for 103 yards and providing the game-clinching moment by juggling a screen pass and then racing untouched for a 60-yard touchdown.

The smart move for Vikings coach Brad Childress would be to declare Peterson the starter and relegate Taylor to spot duty.

Adrian Peterson in his debut.... 19 carries for 103 yards, and 1 reception that was a screen pass he took to the HOUSE BABY for 60 yard touchdown! NFL.com Highlights

Coach Brad Childress said Thursday that RB Chester Taylor will start in Week 1, with RB Adrian Peterson providing a "changeup" off the bench.
It sounds like the plan will be for Taylor and Peterson to rotate series, with Childress saying that he wants them both to see third-down work. The Vikings may also use them in the backfield together, but indications are that won't happen often early in the season.

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - Adrian Peterson didn't look like himself, but he said he sure felt like himself Friday against the New York Jets.

Peterson, sporting a clean-shaven head, rebounded from a quiet NFL exhibition debut with an impressive performance on national television that displayed his playmaking abilities.

Although he didn't score a flashy touchdown as did three of his defensive teammates, the Vikings rookie running back might have had the highlight of the night early in the second quarter. He took a handoff and headed for the right side of the offensive line. New York Jets cornerback Andre Dyson squared up for the tackle. But Peterson spun toward the left sideline and broke loose for a long run. Then, as he was blocked off by David Barrett on the right sideline, Peterson lowered his shoulder and knocked the Jets cornerback backward.

"We had a defender there who could have made the tackle but didn't make the tackle," Jets coach Eric Mangini said. "At that point, where you have someone with Adrian Peterson's speed, it's going to go a long way."

The play netted 43 yards. He finished with 70 yards on 8 carries, including a 3-yard touchdown run in the first quarter, as the Vikings won 37-20.

"It felt pretty good. It felt pretty good," Peterson said of the run. "It boosts your confidence up."

Asked what he was thinking on the spin move, Peterson said, "It's instinct, man. I'm just out there playing fast."

Indeed he was.

Peterson said he felt better than he did the week before, when he was eased back into the lineup after missing a few practices with a minor hip injury. Against the St. Louis Rams, Peterson gained just 33 yards on 11 carries, with his longest run mustering just 7 yards.

"I definitely felt more explosive. I was more relaxed. And just picking up the speed of the game, and adjusting to it," said Peterson, who added that he watched film of his game against the Rams. "I had to sharpen some things."

As for his barreling over the defender on the sideline, Peterson said he wants to initiate contact.

"I (saw) him coming, so I definitely wanted to be one the delivering the blow instead of taking the blow," Peterson said.

The Vikings also showed how Peterson and veteran Chester Taylor can co-exist in the same offense. Taylor had four carries for 16 yards, including a 12-yarder, and he converted a third and 15 with an 18-yard screen pass.

The star of the night, though, was Peterson, even if coach Brad Childress didn't see his magic move.

"It ran away from me, so I didn't get to fully see everything," Childress said. "I just know he has those explosive components.

"Adrian is an explosive player, and I was satisfied with his performance,"

Childress later said. "He's a very good student of the game, and, as a rookie, he's taken everything in well through training camp, which filtered on the field (Friday)."

Will Adrian Peterson play in Friday night's game? Childress says it will be a game-time decision. AD was at the walk through on Thursday and did not look limited by his injury.

Will Adrian Peterson play in Friday's pre-season game? AD is talking as if he's a forgone conclusion. "I'm sure I'll feel the chill" upon stepping into the building. But Childress isn't so sure. "I'm not trying to be coy about it," Childress said. "I just want to make sure that when he opens up, he can open up. You want guys to be able to protect themselves, which he can do. But part of protecting yourself is to be able to open up and run away. If you can't do that, you can't protect yourself. So we'll see."
"He's got a lot of speed," quarterback Tarvaris Jackson said. "He hits the holes at 100 miles per hour. He has been pretty good so far. He just has to stay healthy and stay on the field. I'm a fan of football, so I'm anxious to see him play."

USAToday.com "Is Adrian Peterson a Home Run Hitter" (Yes America, he is)

Adrian Peterson participated in Saturdays scrimmage with the Chiefs

As expected, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson did not participate in Friday night's joint practice with the Kansas City Chiefs, but he hopes to make tonight's rematch in River Falls, Wis., home of the Chiefs' training camp.

"It feels pretty good," Peterson said after Friday's activities while signing autographs for a large group of fans. "There's a little pain, but that's part of football."

Coach Brad Childress said Peterson and running back Chester Taylor (bruised right forearm) ran before practice and there was a chance to see Peterson tonight.

"I'd like to see him go," Childress said. "He ran out here without much trouble. We'll see how he wakes up in the morning. He'll be in for treatment a couple times, and then we'll just see."

The Vikings are calling RB Adrian Peterson’s injury a left hip pointer and say he is day-to-day. Apparently the injury is not as serious as it first appeared but it seems pretty unlikely Peterson will participate in the Friday or Saturday practices against Kansas City. RB Chester Taylor (bruised forearm) also seems likely to miss the event.

Medical officials originally seemed to be looking at Peterson’s left ankle, but Peterson said the injury occurred when he was elbowed in the hip area during a pass reception.

“It’s really not as serious as I thought,” Peterson said. “It was kind of painful at first, but I shook it off. It’s not that big of a deal.”

adrian peterson

Adrian Peterson's first day at camp

Adrian Peterson’s first day [VIDEO]

Adrian Peterson Day 1 Camp Pics

Adrian Peterson signed a five-year, $40.5 million contract with $17 million in guaranteed money

Cytosport, Maker of Muscle Milk, Signs First-Round Draft Pick Adrian Peterson to a Three-Year Deal

Anxious Peterson: Deal not about being greedy
While bags were being unpacked by his Viking teammates in Mankato, Adrian Peterson's two suitcases were still crammed ... and still parked in Norman...