adrian peterson oklahoma video shoot
Adrian Peterson at the OU Intro Video Shoot

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Adrian Peterson EASports NCAA 2008 commerical, post from forum says
It was narrated by Adrian Peterson, but it was Boise State and Oklahoma all over again.... Peterson was talking about how everyone loves David and people hate Goliath... and BSU runs the Statue of Liberty play and right as Ian Johnson is about to score... Peterson says something to the effect of "but the thing is, I'm Goliath" and Johnson gets stoned at the one yard line... Great little commercial there. Props to EA for it.

Adrian Peterson in a commercial for NCAA 2008
From Bruce Feldman, "
I had a chance to see some of the commercial spots for the new EA Sports NCAA Football '08. They were produced by the firm of Wieden + Kennedy (the same people who did the "This is SportsCenter" campaign) and these ads are terrific. The best one I saw features Adrian Peterson doing his own play-by-play of the Fiesta Bowl match up between his Sooners and Boise State. It's very cool and should be on TV next week. " Fantasy Expert on Adrian Peterson: "Adrian Peterson has far more value than Chester Taylor. Despite the fact that the veteran Taylor is still listed atop the Minnesota depth chart, Peterson was the more attractive choice in both drafts. He was selected in the fifth round in the NFL Draft and in the fourth round in the FOX Draft -- Taylor was a sixth-round pick in both. Even though both of these drafts were seasonal, not keeper, the consensus still seems to be that the rookie runner has better short-term and long-term value than Taylor across the board."

Adrian Peterson will be in a five-part series on ESPN’s “SportsCenter” and “NFL Live.” The segment on Peterson, which will air Wednesday on “SportsCenter” and Thursday on “NFL Live,” will show him on his trip home to Palestine, Texas, when the town held a parade in his honor.

Adrian Peterson interview with Rich Eisen from NFL Network June 27th

Fame Has Not Changed Peterson's Small Town Values

Adrian Peterson's Mom A Field Legend Too

NFL Network Feature on Adrian Peterson

Was Adrian Peterson under utilized at OU?

Adrian Peterson Vikings Wallpaper added June 19th

A friend of mine has some nice OU and Adrian Peterson game pictures for sale on Ebay

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The scout profile of Adrian Peterson has 2 ads for American Express, 1 ad for AAA Insurance, 1 ad for Scout Team Fan Shop, and of course ad to join for $99 a year.

ESPN Chat with Adrian Peterson

John Clayton of ESPN picks Adrian Peterson for Offensive Rookie Of The Year
A great running back usually has the best chance to win offensive rookie of the year. Sixteen of the past 21 top rookies were running backs, so it's easy to predict Peterson will be among the top rookies in 2007. How can he fail? Peterson goes to a Vikings team that plans to run the ball a lot. Like Larry Johnson of the Chiefs, Peterson has an angry running style that allows him to explode through the first wave of defenders and then punish anyone else trying to tackle him. To make matters even tougher for the teams he'll be facing, Peterson has the benefit of running behind the best left-side offensive line in football. Bryant McKinnie is a mountain at left tackle, Steve Hutchinson is the game's best left guard and Matt Birk is a Pro Bowl center. Even sharing carries with Chester Taylor, Peterson should emerge as the NFL's top rookie.

Adrian Peterson: 'I Feel Like I'll Be In Camp On Time'

June 23, will be Adrian Peterson Day in Palestine, Texas
PALESTINE — Palestine High School graduate and soon-to-be NFL player Adrian Peterson is returning to his hometown for “Adrian Peterson Day.”

Peterson, who was drafted No. 7 overall by the Minnesota Vikings in the April NFL draft, will be recognized by the City of Palestine on June 23.

Palestine Mayor Caroline Salter said the city was happy to honor one of its own.

“We’re excited about Adrian Peterson returning to his hometown to receive recognition from the city,” Salter said Tuesday. “We look forward to him having a wonderful career in the National Football League and seeing his career reflect in a positive way on his hometown.”

A parade for Peterson is planned at 10 a.m. June 23 starting at the courthouse and ending in Old Town Palestine. Following the parade, the City of Palestine will be making a presentation to Peterson at Wildcat Stadium.

Anyone who would like to participate in the parade should call Carol Pegues at 972-816-5149.

Adrian Peterson could be returning kicks for the Vikings
From "Peterson, who has spent part of his offseason workouts returning kicks, is a constant threat to go the distance with the ball"

Adrian Peterson Talks NCAA Football and Madden "These rookies will make an instant impact", Adrian Peterson Potential Hall of Famer

Vikings Coach Brad Childress talks about Adrian Peterson
 “He’s done a great job, particularly in drills, with all the pass stuff,” Childress said. “The run stuff comes very easy to him as well as you would think, but you get drilled with the nuances of the pass game, whether it be protection or route-running, and he’s doing a good job with that. You learn as much standing at the back of the line with people sharing with you as you do in the classroom on the board … I like where he’s at and where he’s going.”

Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings. What popped out most were his receiving skills, which he rarely had a chance to display at Oklahoma. Running a lot of swing routes and checkdowns, Peterson wowed the Vikings with his ability to extend his arms and catch the ball.

Adrian Peterson will not have surgery to insert a metal plate in his shoulder, his collarbone is healing fine on its own.

Adrian Peterson credits family for his sucess

Adrian Peterson interview after his first day in mini-camp has a video clip from Day 1 Vikings Minicamp featuring Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson's first day in rookie minicamp: Continuing to brush aside concerns about The Most Famous Collarbone in Minnesota, the rookie was eager and impressive.

Brad Childress today with the media (today is Friday, May 4th)
Q: How about your first impressions of Adrian Peterson?
A: He did about what we thought he could do. He didn't hiccup at all, I didn't think. I think he showed some speed to the outside and pretty good vision on the quick draw up the middle and caught the football down there in that one-on-one with the running backs and linebackers.

From Day 1 of Mini camp: "Peterson was the Vikings first-round pick last weekend and he surely looks the part. He is blazing fast and clearly stands out among everyone else."

Adrian Peterson pretty sure a decision about surgery or no surgery to come soon

Adrian Peterson Interview (
The most exciting player in the draft?
adrian peterson ign interview
Adrian Peterson thanks to for the photo

CBSSportline Fantasy Football dude says Adrian Peterson is the top Rookie
Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings. AP's story is likely to have the best ending of any 2007 NFL rookie. Like Bush, he comes in as the top running back drafted and will need to split carries with a hard-rushing veteran (Chester Taylor). But with his talents as a big-play runner and underrated receiver, Peterson should be on the field often enough for a real shot at a 1,000-plus total yards and an outside chance at double-digit TD totals. Brad Childress will find different ways to align and get the ball to Peterson -- and to support young QB Tarvaris Jackson -- and there will be ample opportunity for Steve Hutchinson and the Vikes' line to spring the rookie for some long runs -- 'nuff said. Draft AP as a No. 3 back; like Bush, he quickly could turn into a very nice No. 2

Peterson has a high-profile fan club
Peterson is scheduled to participate in this weekend's three-day rookie minicamp, but no final decision has been made on whether he will need surgery on his healing right collarbone. The Vikings have said they plan to monitor his progress and then re-evaluate their options.

JH: "They do play indoors on artificial grass? Do you give a hoot if it is grass or artificial grass?"

AD: “No, I don’t give a hoot. I think some of my best games came on that artificial grass, especially when we played at Oklahoma State (laughing)." 

Colin Cowherd interview with Adrian Peterson

Vikings hit home run with Peterson

Peterson is cleared for rookie minicamp

After meeting with his family Sunday afternoon, the Vikings have cleared running back Adrian Peterson to participate in their rookie minicamp starting Friday.

Peterson, the No. 7 overall pick, is recovering from a fractured right collarbone that he said is about 90 percent healed. Surgery remains an option, but for now the Vikings do not appear convinced it is necessary.

"Really, there have been no changes," coach Brad Childress said. Asked if Peterson would participate in minicamp, Childress said: "Yeah."

The injury ballooned into a national story last week when Peterson acknowledged he had reinjured it Jan. 1 in the Fiesta Bowl. Surgery, if needed, would jeopardize Peterson's availability for training camp and the start of the season.

Peterson and his parents met Sunday with athletic trainer Eric Sugarman. Peterson might undergo further tests later this week, but it appears the Vikings want to monitor the healing process for a longer time period before making a final determination.

Asked if there is any scenario where he might undergo surgery, Peterson said: "Everything is going good right now. I am looking forward to being ready. ... By the time the season starts, everything will be perfectly fine. I will be ready. There are no worries in my mind."

VIDEO: Adrian Peterson, and parents, meet the Minnesota Press

New Adrian Peterson Draft Day Wallpaper with Vikings cap and jersey

VIDEO from Minnesota TV about Adrian Peterson, a few videos

adrian peterson jersey

Adrian Peterson drafted by the Minnesota Vikings (7th pick)adrian peterson vikings cap

Q: Do you feel pretty good that after all you've been through the team with the No. 7 pick felt strongly enough about you to take you?

A: I'm honored and I'm ready to go down there and get things rolling and help them turn the organization around. I'm just very excited that they trust in me and I will not let them down.

Q: With Chester Taylor there, have they explained what your role will be?

A: Once I get there I'm sure we'll discuss that more, but I'm sure between the two of us we can pound the ball.

Q: How was it waiting in the green room? Did you think you'd go earlier?

A: I didn't put my eggs in one basket. I was thinking maybe Arizona. It was a long wait but it's over now and I'm excited.

Q: Have you talked with Vikings head coach Brad Childress and any of the other staff?

A: Yeah, they're great people. I really enjoyed my trip to Minnesota. I'm really ready to get things rolling.

Q: I know you've been asked this 1000 times, but how is the injury? Will you be ready for training camp?

A: I'll definitely be ready. This was never an injury that would prevent me from getting ready for the season.

Q: What do you think you bring to the table for Minnesota?

A: Whatever they need. When I get out there, we'll figure out what kind of role I am going to play, but I definitely know I can contribute and help improve this team.

Q: Are you relieved that this process is over?

A: I'm happy it's over. It's a dream come true no matter what. I keep thanking God.

adrian peterson
Calvin Johnson, Brady Quinn, Adrian Peterson, JaMarcus Russell, Gaines Adams

AD says collarbone is fine

Adrian Peterson's agent confirms injury report

Yet... Adam Schefter of NFL Network reports that running back Adrian Peterson says that he won't miss any time due to a collarbone that he re-injured during the Fiesta Bowl.Per Schefter, Peterson says that he'll be able to fully participate in all offseason activities.

adrian peterson sports illustrated
Full Speed Ahead
On the road to the NFL, Adrian Peterson has encountered more than his share of obstacles, from serious injury to family tragedy. No matter where he ends up playing, he'll be running for his life -- and for the loved ones taken from him

Teams wary of Peterson's health
Oklahoma RB re-injured his collarbone in Fiesta Bowl

Draft Insider Q&A: Peterson the most fascinating player CBSSportsline

Adrian Peterson Nike Football

Clark Judge of says, "TAKE Adrian Peterson" to the Browns
"... the reason for taking Adrian Peterson runs deeper, because it's Cleveland we're talking about. You don't win games in Cleveland in November and December by throwing the ball; you win by playing sound defense and grinding down opponents with an effective rushing game."

NFL Draft Q&A: Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson By Denis Savage
Posted Apr 24, 2007

There were several scouts who noted that Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson was the one back who could have gone straight to the NFL from high school. He met privately with four teams in the top ten that believe he is more than hype. Find out which teams showed interest, how he handled things after an impressive freshman season, what he had to prove to scouts, and much more.

In April, Peterson had personal visits with the Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Washington Redskins.
Talk about your decision to leave school early.

Adrian Peterson: It was a long process. Going to the NFL was one of my ultimate goals. It has been a dream of mine since I was a little kid. I sit back and think – when I was younger I used to sit back and watch guys like Emmitt Smith and Eddie George and watched them on film. I never really watched college football because the NFL is what you see on TV all the time. Being predicted to be a top five, top 10 pick it was kind of hard for me to turn it down. I had to make the best decision for me financially and I am going forward with it.

A 4.35 running back is almost unheard of – how does that affect your vision as you go through the hole and do you ever feel like your body can’t catch up to your feet when you make a cut?

Adrian Peterson: Sometimes. When I am practicing doing the “L Drill” I noticed that when I start I really don’t want to be going full speed all the time – I go take off at 100 miles per hour and can slip on the turn. It is kind of hard but throughout the years I have learned how to use it to my advantage and make those cuts.

Did you feel you have to show scouts that you are completely healthy?

Adrian Peterson: Not really. I had the collarbone injury and I really don’t feel it affects anything. It is not like a knee injury.

One thing you weren’t asked to do is catch the ball a lot at Oklahoma. Is that a concern?

Adrian Peterson: We had great athletes. They got the ball to me a few times but we had some great wideouts there. They didn’t have to get me the ball a lot in the passing game because we had other weapons. If I am leading the team in receiving than we are not doing our job. I always told the coach to put me out wide against a linebacker and let me make a play – where in the open field I could break a tackle and go to the house. My junior year they opened it up a little more.

Did you feel like you had to live up to the hype after a terrific start to your college career and how did you handle the pressure?

Adrian Peterson: Living up to the hype. I wouldn’t say there was any pressure. People looked at me crazy when I came in my freshman year and said one of my goals was to get 2,000 yards and hopefully win the Heisman Trophy. But half of that came true. I just set my goals without pressure. I go out there and have fun and show my stuff and I know my abilities.

How have you grown as a player since your freshman year.

Adrian Peterson: It was very humbling to get battle-tested. I have matured over the last few years and became a better football player. I understand the game and that knowledge makes the game easier. I see my freshman year and I was ‘wow’ – going full out and realized I can take my time and make the game slow again. The hole might take a while for you to hit it. You might bust a 30-yard run or 15-yard run but wait for the crease. Learning, maturing as a player, and getting better.

You have always been considered a leader – how will things change as you enter the NFL as a rookie?

Adrian Peterson: I don’t know. It will be a new experience. I am the kind of guy that believes anyone can get along with me. I am humble, I like to encourage people – especially other running backs, and I am going to go into their with the same attitude, the same thing that got me to where I am. With the opportunity and chance I have now…

Do you look forward to going toe-to-toe with the likes of Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis in the NFL?

Adrian Peterson: I look forward to that. It is fun to watch someone go out there and dominate the game. The NFL is the best of the best. I look forward to the competition and having a chance to go against those guys.

One thing that scouts have noted is your blocking needs work – how do you convince an NFL team that it is not an issue?

Adrian Peterson: My plan is to go out there and block – get it done. If they think I need to get better that is what I am going to do. It really wasn’t a problem for me at OU. I don’t think I gave up any sacks – maybe one or two. It is something I have to get done. Knowing how to take on defenders and learning is something I plan on doing.

What current NFL player or players do you compare favorably too?

Adrian Peterson: A lot of people compare me to Eric Dickerson with how I run the ball. I would say a little of Larry Johnson mixed with LT (LaDainian Tomlinson). Johnson is a power back and I like how he gets the ball with so much explosion and knocks guys back. He has decent speed but is not a running back who will necessarily breakaway. LT has great speed and makes great cuts. I feel like he has great vision and great balance. Those are some of the attributes I feel I also have to.

What is an NFL team getting when they select Adrian Peterson?

Adrian Peterson: They are getting a guy who is going to go out there and work hard in practice, two-a-days, Sunday nights and Monday nights. They are going to get a player that is going to play his heart out every game. A player that loves the game – truly enjoys playing the game and will do whatever it takes to get on the field and help my team win and accomplish the goals we set in front of us. That is just the type of person and player I am – do whatever to improve myself and the team.


Mike & Mike ESPNRadio Thursday asked, "True or False: Adrian Peterson will rush for 1,000 yards in the NFL as a rookie.
Golic says False only because he thinks AD might get hurt, Scherleth said True

Adrian Peterson signs with Nike

Adrian Peterson interview with Houston sports radio Part 1

Part 2 of the interview

Peterson won't run from danger (Detroit Paper)

Peterson has no doubt he's worthy of a top pick (

Adrian Peterson: No Stranger To Adversity

NFL Draft: Peterson's Potential feature, Ask Vic

Joe from Jacksonville: If you had your choice to pick any player in this year’s draft, who would it be and why?
Vic: It would be the best available player. In other words, if you tell me I have the first pick of the draft, my selection is Adrian Peterson.

Michael from Jackson, MS: Who is the better back out of college, Reggie Bush or Adrian Peterson?
Vic: In my opinion, Adrian Peterson is a better running back, if you’re using that term in its true sense. Peterson is a better inside runner. Peterson is someone to whom you will give the ball on third-and-one and fourth-and-one, instead of giving it to someone else. Reggie Bush is a versatile player. He’s a player you have to get out into space. He’s not a true running back. Peterson is.

Already, Adrian Peterson feeling the corporate love
No matter where Adrian Peterson lands on draft day, he's already won fans in one locale.

Corporate America.

Folks there have taken quite a shine to Oklahoma's stud tailback. Wednesday, he jetted to New York City for a whirlwind day promoting new exclusive wireless coverage with Sprint. A couple weeks back, he spent a day in Orlando, Fla., for a photo shoot with Nike.

Those are big-boy, blue-chip companies that went after Peterson.

And he hadn't been drafted much less played a down in the NFL. If the likes of Sprint and Nike are going after him now, this is just the beginning.

"It's open," Peterson said Wednesday via telephone from NYC, "so you never know."

While riches await Peterson there, landing endorsement deals can kick players up a tax bracket or six. They bring not only money but also prestige and attention. They can turn sports stars into cultural icons.

Peterson's pitchman potential is high.

Take the Nike deal. The apparel giant can tap any athlete, and Peterson was one of only nine soon-to-be NFL players selected. Nike plans to use the photos in magazines and on a Big Apple billboard.

"It was exciting ... knowing that you're representing Nike," Peterson said. "You're not at the house watching, seeing these guys run around with their Nike gear on.

"It's just dreams coming true."

Consider this: Peterson said Hummer offered him an endorsement deal, but because of scheduling conflicts, he had to turn down the opportunity.

Hummer is one of the hottest auto brands going, and to athletes, car endorsements are a holy grail. Everyone wants one, but few get one. Peterson said thanks, but no thanks, and sounded like he'd lost no sleep over it.

"It wasn't the best for my schedule," he said.

Ho hum, Hummer.

Chances are, there will be plenty more opportunities for Peterson. Sprint, for example, could've gone with anyone to promote its exclusive wireless coverage of the NFL Draft and the NFL Network.

Peterson and Brady Quinn got the nod.

"The thing we love about Adrian is he's such a quality kid," Sprint spokesman Dave Mellin said Wednesday after accompanying Peterson around New York. "He's the kind of kid that we want to have on board with us.

"This is something that I think is new to him, and he's handled it very well."

Ironic, considering Peterson's last trip to New York, for the 2004 Heisman Trophy ceremony. No doubt he belonged with Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush and Jason White, all of whom eventually won Heismans, but Peterson was not their equal behind a microphone or in front of a camera.

Shyness has been replaced by confidence. Peterson went willingly into the media storm Wednesday, doing Fox Sports Radio, ESPN Radio and Cold Pizza, among others.

"Not only has he done well ... but he's just so nice," Mellin said. "He says, 'Yes, sir,' and 'Thank you' and 'Please,' and he's opening doors for me."

He chuckled.

"It's great."

Being easy to work with will only increase Peterson's appeal.

Remember, too, he has built his star in Oklahoma. Even though this is a college-football hotbed, it is not a huge media market.

"Depending on where he goes," Mellin said, "I think you will see his stock rise in terms of endorsement opportunities."

More love from Corporate America?

This is only the beginning.

Noah (Cincinnati): If Peterson isn't picked by Cleveland at #3, how far could he fall?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: He is projected to go by my rankings to Minnesota at 7. They have Chester Taylor, who is a solid back, but Peterson is an upgrade. You can use two good running backs very easily. To me, Minnesota is a possibility or even Houston at 10. That's if he gets past that third pick, which is possible, because I have Quinn going to Cleveland. But the other question is how far does Brady Quinn potentially drop? He could go to Minnesota or 9 to Miami. I don't think he'll fall, but he could.

Buzzmaster: (4:06 PM ET ) Adrian should be here any minute now!

Buzzmaster: (4:12 PM ET ) Sorry folks, we are having some trouble tracking down Adrian.

Buzzmaster: (4:26 PM ET ) Once again guys I am very sorry about the delay. We should have some answers here shortly.

SportsNation Buzzmaster: (4:32 PM ET ) He's here! Let's go!

Justin Kuhn (Evansville,Indiana): What was the most physically challenging part of the NFL Combine?

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:33 PM ET ) I don't know. I have to say the workout and the RB drills was the hardest part. And running the routes too.

Matt : Two Harbors: What current NFL running back do you most compare yourself too?

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:34 PM ET ) I would say LT, just as far as vision and cuts and how he runs the ball.

Jackson (Fort Sill, OK): AllDay- Thanks for the memories in the Sooner state, we will miss you. My question is how/did your injury last year change your perspective and do you think any differently now? Best of luck, we'll be rooting for you from Fort Sill! HOOAH!

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:35 PM ET ) I keeps you humble really. It also makes you battle tested. It made me realize that i cannot take anything for granted because anything can happen in life.

Mclean (Orlando): First of all, I have to say that you are an amazing runnig pulverized the other teams's defenses day in and day out. What is your motivation for running so hard?

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:36 PM ET ) I have a lot of things motivating me, losing my brother at a young age, but there are a lot of things that I went through at a young age that gave me the motivation I have now.

rocky (edmond, ok): what number do you plan on wearing in the NFL if 28 is taken?

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:37 PM ET ) Whatever number they give me. It could be 00 for all I care.

Sean: Canton, OH: Would you be disappointed if you slipped to the 5th or 6th pick in the draft even a possible 7-10.?

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:37 PM ET ) Yes I would be disappointed but I would also be glad to be picked in the first 10. I hope that doesn't happen.

Sonny, Bixby, OK: Hey A.D. I saw alot of your games and wanted to thank you for three tremendous seasons at OU. Any particular NFL team you would prefer to play for?

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:38 PM ET ) I wouldn't mind playing for the Texans but I don't see that happening.

Ron (Houston): AD, what's up man! I'm gonna miss watching you tear the Longhorns to pieces! Anyway, what do you think separates your style of football from a guy like Reggie Bush or Marshawn Lynch?

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:39 PM ET ) My combination of power and speed.

Nick Dover, Pa: I am among the perecntile that has you as the best player in this draft, i think you are the best player I've seen come out, how do you respond to those who rank you lower just due to fluke injuries? good luck AD

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:41 PM ET ) I don't know it is funny, people are entitled to their opinions. It really doesn't bother me.

Brian: (Philly, PA):: Two back systems are gaining notoriety in the NFL, would you rather share time like Reggie Bush has done, or carry the load yourself?

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:42 PM ET ) It depends on the system. Of course I want to carry the ball, but it's up to the team and the system and who they have in there. So either one works for me.

Mark: Chicago, IL.: First NFL Ride; Escalade or a Benz?

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:42 PM ET ) Benz.

John (Noblesville, Indiana): You broke my heart when you left OU...but it's ok. What do you look forward to most in the NFL?

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:43 PM ET ) Just playing against guys I have been watching on TV, like Ray Lewis. I love his passion, and to be able to go up against guys like that is what I look forward to.

Matt : Two Harbors: What is the most underrated part of your game?

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:43 PM ET ) My ability to catch the ball.

Josh (Wakefield, Mi): Hey Adrian nice talking to you Your great college years are now behind you, what will you miss the most, and what are you looking forward to the most in the NFL

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: (4:46 PM ET ) The friends and the relationships I have built with everyone. I think the NFL will have a different feel.


You can catch AD on the Dan Patrick show on ESPN radio on April 10, his show runs 1 pm till 4 pm Eastern.

Browns GM Phil Savage saw Peterson twice in less than two months before Peterson visited Wednesday (4/4/07)– once at the scouting combine and once at the Oklahoma Pro Day. He was impressed both times and said Peterson’s injury history – a shoulder, ankle and collarbone – would not disqualify the Browns from taking him.

DeMarco Murray wants Adrian Peterson's old job

ESPN analyst Merril Hoge
• What should the Lions do with the No. 2 pick?
Merril Hoge "
I haven't seen all the tape on everyone, but Adrian Peterson stands out. Running back is the one guy that can impact both offense and defense. He's a special runner, he's fluid, elusive, great body control. This guy is bona fide special. If he's there, I would take him." April 1. 2007 "The next greatest"
Gruden also had this to say about Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson, who is high on the Browns' list of possible selections with the No. 3 pick in the draft. "I personally think this running back from Oklahoma might be the best back I've ever seen coming out of college," Gruden said.
"He's a punishing guy. Go back and watch him as a freshman. In nine games, this man has 1,800 yards. He doesn't try to go out of bounds. Every time he carries the ball, he tries to hurt you. Bad. And he's fast. He's mean, he's tough. This guy is something else."

Peterson overcomes adversity, injuries to be top RB (Interview March 30th)

Adrian Peterson Inks Exclusive Agreement for memorabilia, trading card contracts and personal appearances.

"If Arizona gets stuck at #5 they will take Peterson"

If He's There, Peterson is the Pick -- Michael Langston Moore, Cleveland Browns is reporting that Adrian Peterson will visit the Browns next Tuesday, April 3. Brady Quinn will visit the following day.

Whether or not he was blowing smoke or making sense, Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden left open the possibility that he would draft Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson at No. 4 to team with Cadillac Williams.

Gruden said, Why not? New Orleans has running back Deuce McAllister, a former first-round pick, to go along with running back Reggie Bush, another former first-round pick. Chicago teamed first-round picks Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson.

And now, Gruden insisted that he is debating the merits of a similar tag-team backfield.

Asked if he saw any similarities between Peterson and Williams, Gruden responded, "Yeah, they're really good."


Scott Engel, "Many reports indicate the Browns still intend to take Adrian Peterson with the third overall pick, and the recent acquisition of guard Eric Steinbach is a signal that Cleveland is ready to put a heavier emphasis on the running game. Peterson could share carries with Jamal Lewis for a season before ultimately becoming the team's prime ball carrier."

OU's Peterson sweats through first endorsement shoot

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. Former Oklahoma tailback Adrian Peterson was among eight top N-F-L draft prospects who went through a photo shoot today through an endorsement deal with Nike.
Peterson and the seven other prospects ran speed and agility drills on a 50-yard practice field in Florida before lining up for hours of pictures.

The photos will be used on magazine ads and a billboard. Nike wouldn't say how much the endorsement deals were worth.
Others involved were Marshawn Lynch, JaMarcus Russell, Calvin Johnson, Amobi Okoye, Gaines Adams, Leon Hall and Greg Olsen.

Former Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn was to have pictures taken at a later time.

Adam Schein on NFL Radio, Friday said, "Adrian Peterson will be a mega star at the NFL level"

Adrian Peterson impressive at OU's Pro Day!!! AD was catching the ball for all the teams, including Cleveland's main man Savage.Watch VIDEO HERE AD weighed 221 lbs, ripped

NORMAN, Okla. -- Former Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson, rated the No. 1 running back in the 2007 draft and a possible No. 3 overall pick by the Cleveland Browns, spent a good deal of time catching passes at the Sooners pro day workout Tuesday, something he did little of in his three seasons as a player.

Peterson ran the short shuttle on Tuesday, the only drill he didn't complete at last month's NFL combine, then went through an individual workout, mostly working as a wide receiver to test his hands.

According to scouts who watched the workout, Peterson spent time both working out of the slot and split-out wide, caught every pass that was catchable during the drill and impressed scouts with his fluidness as a receiver.

"You can really tell he's been working on his hands," Browns general manager Phil Savage said.

Peterson had only 24 receptions in the 31 games he played at Oklahoma,

As a runner, though, Peterson had few peers in the college game. He gained 4,045 yards as a Sooner, including 1,925 as a freshman, when he finished second in the balloting for the Heisman Trophy. But he was hampered by injuries as a sophomore (ankle) and junior (collarbone) and started only seven games each season. He nevertheless gained more than 1,000 yards in each., Pat Kirwan: "Rush on rushers might cost Sooners' Peterson" (I think he wrote the article before word got out that Droughns left Cleveland for the G men) Video: Adrian Peterson First Draft
LEWIS SIGNING DOESN'T RULE OUT PETERSON  PICK reports that the deal between the Browns and running back Jamal Lewis is a one-year deal only. Recently, it was reported that Lewis did not want to sign a one-year deal. The practical effect?  The addition of Lewis doesn't mean that the Browns won't draft running back Adrian Peterson with the No. 3 overall pick.  Lewis can be the starter while Peterson spends his rookie year learning the ropes.  Then, in 2008 or 2009, Peterson can take over the running game. Also, the fact that Lewis accepted a one-year contract in Cleveland could mean that the Ravens yanked their offer after they turned their focus to Willis McGahee.

Post Combine NFL Mock Draft by Jamie Dukes has Adrian Peterson going to Cleveland.
3. Cleveland: Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma -- The Browns will probably pass on Brady Quinn because my sources say, "We need someone who can help us win now." Cleveland needs a franchise back and Adrian Peterson is the man for the job.
Pat Kirwan has him going to Houston
8. Houston: Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma -- There is still a chance the Texans trade for a running back -- maybe a Ladell Betts -- but if they don't, Peterson is the class of the running backs in the draft. If Houston trades for a runner or signs one in free agency, then Penn State tackle Levi Brown is a smart choice.

Adrian Peterson at the combine

Mel Kiper: Teams Could Trade Up To Get Adrian Peterson

Watch Adrian Peterson NFL Total Access Interview

AD at the combine SundaY
adrian peterson combine

With heavy heart, Peterson shines at combine  (Page removed, not found, too bad, great story)

Adrian Peterson runs an official 4.40 at the combine, tied for best with Henry and Pittman. Hhis time had been clocked by some scouts as a 4.34!!

Adrian Peterson at the Combine, 6' 1 1/2 ", 217 LBS, I saw him broad jump 10' 7" and vertical 38 1/2 " so far, he has no run the 40 yet (update 1:34 PM)

adrian peterson combine

adrian peterson combine

Could the AZ Cards take Adrian?

There's a rush to judgement on OU star

ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. had this to say about the Cleveland Browns' draft and Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson in a conference call this week: "Adrian Peterson would be an ideal Cleveland Brown. If they trade back and miss Adrian Peterson that could be something they live to regret."

Q and A with Oklahoma RB Peterson at the NFL Combine adrian peterson nfl combine press conference
Q: Will you run here?
A: I will be running. I'll do everything on Sunday.

Q: How did you do in your physical here?
A: Basically the injuries... my ankle injury that I had my sophomore year is completely healed. The only injury I'm dealing with now is my collarbone injury. A couple of doctors are saying that no surgery is required. It'll heal on its own. So as far as the collarbone injury, when it heals, it'll be as strong as it was before. So I really don't feel like there's anything to prove there. So, basically, I'm just basically going out and focused on performing well.

Q: How do you respond to questions about your durability?
A: I just say, it's really just been knick knack injuries. Like my sophomore year, the ankle injury. It was a high ankle sprain that kept me out like six games. I came back my junior year and my ankle didn't give me any problems. As far as the injury on my shoulder during my freshman year until my junior year, it hadn't given me any problems. Now it's just my collarbone, and it's an injury that's going to heal and be stronger.

Q: Will you dive into the end zone again?
A: It was an awkward fall, but no.

Q: How would you respond to being featured in a two-back system?
A: If I end up in a system like that and that's how the offense is ran, then there's not much I can do about it. But I'm just going to go out there and do what I can to compete for a position. That's all I can ask for.

Q: Why did you decide to work out at the Combine?
A: That's the kind of competitive person I am. I don't see any reason not to work out. I just want to come out here and perform.

Q: What do you want to run?
A: I set my bar high. A high 4.2 or a low 4.3.

Q: How much magic do you have to find room to run when there isn't any room?
A: How much magic do I have? If you come in to a young offensive line or an offensive line that isn't proven, over time they will develop. There isn't much I can do about the offensive line. I just can go out there and whatever crease I can find I'm going to try to stick it in there.

Q: Do you think you could have been the number one overall pick if you hadn’t been hurt?
A: I guess you could say it's how you perform here. There are a lot of people who come in ranked, but once they come out of their workout, things might change. We'll just have to wait and see.

Q: What do you hope to prove this week?
A: I just want to go out and run well, and test well. I want to show them I have good speed, and can change direction.

Q:Do you feel you can be an instant impact guy?
A: Just getting an opportunity, I'm going to go out and make the best of it. I've always been the type of player that goes out and gives 110 percent. I don't see that changing.

Q: What do you think of being compared to Eric Dickerson?
A: Man, being compared to Eric Dickerson, that's crazy. He's one of the greatest running backs. It's an honor to be compared to him. A lot of guys say, you run in that upright position and have a little breakaway speed. But it's an honor.

Q: Do you feel you have similar style as Dickerson?
A: Yeah. Watching some of his film. I see the upright position and the power he runs with.

Q: Are coaches talking about changing your upright running style?
A: Yeah, my coaches always tell me. I'm still working on it a little bit, getting my shoulders a little lower, especially coming into this league. I'm working on it a little bit and improving.

Peterson is a major in NFL marketability

Peterson pooh-poohs hurts (Orlando Sentinel)

Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson and Miami (Fla.) tight end Greg Olsen are among the players who pleased the scouts by announcing they will participate in all the drills this weekend. The tight ends will run Feb. 24, and the running backs Feb. 25.

There have been rumors Denver might send Jake Plummer, Tatum Bell and their first-round pick to Houston for the Texans No. 8 pick in the draft, in the hopes of drafting Adrian Peterson.
-- Rocky Mountain News

From, AD interview
On this week's NFL combine

I expect them to grill me and work me like I'm nobody, throw everything they can at me and see if I'll stand up to the pressure. People expect big things. They want to see if I'm man enough after all the hype. Everyone's going to be watching and critiquing every little detail, every slipup, every cut I make. The preparation has been intense. The training [at a facility in Arizona] has been almost like boot camp.

On skipping his senior season to enter the NFL draft

I wasn't thinking about it at the start of the season. When I did start thinking, Should I stay or should I go? it changed every day. One day my mind was made up to leave, and then I'd be on campus having a good time and taking in college life, or in a game hearing the roar of the crowd at OU, and it would swing the other way. But when I got hurt in October, I started thinking, What if I stay and I get really hurt next year and never make it to the NFL? That thought kept popping into my head.

On mom Bonita's breaking her ankle the day he broke his collarbone against Iowa State

Crazy. My family was there for the game. Later I was in the house resting and dealing with my collarbone while my family was playing basketball. Then I see some kids running back to the apartment, screaming, "Your mom fell. She's hurt. She's lying on the ground." I hopped up and ran out to check on her. She couldn't put pressure on her ankle -- she broke it in two places. I told her that was a day I will remember the rest of my life.

On dad Nelson's coming to see him play after being incarcerated for seven years for money laundering

It was special. Even though he was away so long, he was with me in spirit. He taught me the fundamentals of the game when I was little, so a lot of what I do out there is because of him. But our relationship is about more than football. He's my father, and he never stopped being that. Even though he made mistakes, I love him and I am proud of how he's turning his life around.

On his nickname, AD, All Day

I've been hearing that since I was two. I ran around all the time. Never wanted to stop. Never wanted to sleep. I just kept going all day. My dad and mom gave me the nickname. When I started playing ball, my coaches said the same thing about how I played, that I could go all day.

On the team he'd like to play for

I wouldn't mind the Texans. Being able to go back to my home state [he's from Palestine, Texas] and having my family there would be nice. Also, the Raiders. I rooted for them growing up. Obviously Dallas would be on the list, but I am pretty sure they won't have a high enough pick to get me.

On his two-year-old girl, Adeja

I don't think she fully understands what I do. But she loves to watch me on TV. She knows I run a lot. Everyone at home says that when I'm on TV, she goes nuts and starts screaming, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy. That's my daddy!"

On his personality

Everyone thinks I'm quiet and shy. But once I feel comfortable, I let loose, act silly. I'm always dancing, cracking jokes, trying to make people laugh. I think I am a funny, funny guy.


Adrian's speed could turn heads at Combine

Speed is key for former Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson this week at the NFL Combine.
Peterson is looking to impress scouts this week and solidify his spot among the first picks in the NFL Draft.

And how is he going to do it? By going fast.

"One of my goals is to run a 4.29 or a low 4.3 (in the 40-yard dash),� Peterson told "Everything else will take care of itself.�

The Combine begins Thursday in Indianapolis. Peterson will work out with the other running backs, quarterbacks and wide receivers on Sunday.

Those workouts will be shown live starting at 10 a.m. Sunday on The NFL Network.

Peterson's boasts about speed have convinced at least one draft predictor.

The Houston Chronicle's Lance Zierlein has Peterson going fourth overall to Cleveland.

"Sources close to Peterson's pre-draft workouts tell me that Peterson is weighing right at 220 pounds and running sub 4.4 fortys and will blow teams away with his breakaway speed. Provided his medical reports come up okay, he won't get past Cleveland,� Zierlein wrote.

The Houston Texans, picking at No. 8, are the other likely team to pick Peterson.


The NFL Scouting Combine officially begins Wednesday, but there are no scheduled events until Thursday afternoon, when the first news conferences begin. There will be news conferences only on Thursday and Friday. The player workouts begin Saturday and run through Tuesday. The NFL Network will air all news conferences and workouts. All workouts will begin at 11 a.m. ET.

Saturday: Tight ends, kickers, offensive linemen

Sunday: Quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers

Monday: Linebackers, defensive linemen

Tuesday: Defensive backs

Houston Chronicle Feb 20th Mock Draft: "*4. Cleveland - Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma: Sources close to Peterson's pre-draft workouts are telling me that Peterson is weighing right at 220 pounds and running sub 4.4 fortys and will blow teams away with his breakaway speed. Provided his medical reports come up okay, he won't get past Cleveland."

Could Minnesota Take Adrian Peterson at 7?

Where will Adrian Peterson go???

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Adrian Peterson as a Bronco?
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Adrian Peterson as a Texan?
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Adrian Peterson as a Brown?
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Adrian Peterson as a Packer
adrian peterson

Mike Mayock, NFL Network, Top 5 RBs in the draft, Adrian Peterson is number 1, VIDEO

The is NUTS,
Inside running: Runs aggressively with the strength and power to break tackles and gain good yardage after first contact. Runs upright, however, taking plenty of hard hits. When lowering shoulders, gets physical. Runs over would-be tacklers with good body lean. Has some trouble protecting the ball in traffic. Grade: 8.5
Outside running: Lacks the burst to get to the corner; when getting blocking to get there ??????????????????????? though, dominates as an edge runner with the size and ..

Newest Adrian Peterson video on Youtube
2006 Adrian Peterson Highlights

adrian peterson fiesta bowlMel Kiper Draft Chat
Danny (Spring Hill,Florida): Hey Mel, I was wondering why Adrian Peterson's stock is higher than Marshawn Lynch's, I mean Peterson has Durability problems like you pointed out and other people would say the Falcons or another team would pounce on Peterson if he were availble, but why not for Lynch. this has been bugging me for about 2 months now. Thanks and can't wait till I start seeing you on ESPN again for draft talk

SportsNation Mel Kiper: Appreciate the comments. In terms of Peterson, he's just a better overall talent. He's going to run a 4.37 40...with a 38" vertical, 8% body fat and he's been considered the best-conditioned athlete on OU's team and he's very talented. Some guys come into the NFL with injury histories and never get hurt again. Lynch doesn't make guys miss as much. He's more of a pounder, difficult to tackle, a lot of yards after contact. His 34 receptions matched his total for the previous two seasons combined. I just think Peterson's skill level is higher. Peterson could go as early as 3 or 4, while Lynch will go in the middle of the first round, like 16 to Green Bay.

Kevin (San Marcos, TX): Hey Mel, do you think the Broncos will draft a full-time RB and, if so, which RBs best fit their system?

SportsNation Mel Kiper: I think Peterson would be great. He's a one-cut runner. A guy that hits it explosive. He'd be ideal for their system and I think they'll be aggressive in trying to get him. Of course, Mike Bell and Tatum Bell aren't Adrian Peterson, so when you have a chance to get a great back, you have to go for it. I think by the time we get into late March or early April, I think Peterson will be the buzz of this draft.

Mel Kiper: "Teams might trade up to take Oklahoma's Peterson"

In my latest first-round projection, I have underclassmen making up half of the top 32 picks, including 12 of the first 20 spots on the board.
I still have LSU junior QB JaMarcus Russell going with the first overall pick to Oakland. However, the biggest buzz could center around Oklahoma junior RB Adrian Peterson (6-1½, 223 pounds). His workout numbers at the NFL combine should look something like this: 4.37 in the 40-yard dash; 38-inch vertical leap; and eight percent body fat. I have Peterson going to Cleveland, which will have either the third or fourth pick, depending on a coin flip tiebreaker with Tampa Bay; but there also could be several teams interested in trading up to get Peterson.

If Peterson does go to Cleveland, Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn could slide to the Dolphins with the ninth pick. The reason Quinn would fall to Miami? Teams picking after Cleveland (possibly Tampa Bay, Arizona, Washington, Minnesota and Houston) don't need a quarterback. You could make a case for the Texans or Vikings to draft Quinn, but I don't expect that to happen.

The Seattle Seahawks are the only team that does not have a first-round pick because of the trade they made with the Patriots to acquire WR Deion Branch. Seattle could use another wide receiver and, ironically, this draft has a lot of great pass catchers. (I'm projecting seven wide receivers will go in the first round.)

My next first-round projection will be the first week of March following the NFL combine.

(Note: a coin flip between the Cleveland Browns and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will determine which team has the third pick and which team has the fourth choice.)

Is Adrian Peterson The best Choice for the Raiders?

The Sporting News reports that the Bucs are likely to look to move down in the draft, but not past the No. 7 pick.
That's awfully specific news for early February. The Bucs reportedly believe it's a seven player draft at the top: Oklahoma RB Adrian Peterson, Wisconsin T Joe Thomas, Michigan DT Alan Branch, Clemson DE Gaines Adams, LSU QB JaMarcus Russell and Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn.

I've found the Mock Draft with the Lowest Pick (Worst) they think Adrian Peterson will go
16. Green Bay – RB Adrian Peterson, OK, 6-0, 220, 4.45 - Another team with needs in the secondary, but if the top RB in the draft fell to you, would you take him? Green & Morency are decent, but Peterson is a weapon…
Oh Look its a San Diego site, the city who had celebrations before they played a Playoff game.

Could Adrian Peterson go number 1? And be a Raider?
adrian peterson raider

Mel Kiper said on ESPN Radio that he believes Adrian Peterson will become the main focus of the draft, after the combine and thelast 2 to 3 weeks leading up to the draft. He thinks teams will start trade talks to move up.

I spoke to a source on the Browns who says, the GM loves Adrian Peterson & the Browns need a running back.

AD as a Texan? Many mock drafts have the Texans taking Adrian Peterson with the 8th pick in round 1
adrian peterson

Will Adrian Peterson's rocky past hurt him in draft?

Peterson's final run was the right call

Adrian Peterson signs with CAA
Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal reports that Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson has signed with Ben Dogra of CAA.

Peterson to Enter 2007 NFL Draft
University of Oklahoma running back Adrian Peterson announced today that he will forgo his final season of college eligibility and make himself available for the 2007 NFL Draft.
Good Luck to Adrian, Sooner fans wish him the best.

Rotowire on Adrian Peterson's potential as a Fantasy Football Running Back in the NFL
"Peterson, who looks like a lock to be a top-10 pick, has a chance to make the biggest fantasy impact of any rookie in 2007, assuming he ends up in the right situation. Peterson possesses a nice blend of size (6-2, 218) power and speed and the only thing that has held him back thus far has been injuries. Comparisons to Eric Dickerson though have had scouts drolling over Peterson since his spectacular freshman campaign in 2004."

Goodbye Adrian; Texas sports with Joseph Duarte
Three years ago, Adrian Peterson selected Oklahoma over Texas because he said the Sooners gave him a better opportunity to win a national championship.

He officially declared for the NFL draft Monday, ending his successful OU career as the school's No. 3 all-time leading rusher.

But he failed to win a national championship.The closest he came to winning the Heisman Trophy was his runner-up finish as a freshman in 2004.And he went 1-2 against the Longhorns.I'll always remember his freshman season as one of the most dominant by a running back in recent years.

Imagine what Peterson could have accomplished had he been healthy his last two years with the Sooners.Peterson was the kind of electrifying player that, when healthy, gave some credibility to a weak conference.But I'm sure the rest of the Big 12 South is happy to say goodbye.

Adrian Peterson's father tells the Daily Oklahoman that his son is on the fence about his decision that must come today if he intends on entering the NFL draft.

Press Release from Adrian Peterson: "I have spent the last few days considering my options to either enter the NFL Draft or stay at OU. The facts are that I have not hired any representation and I have not declared for the draft," Peterson said in a statement released Thursday afternoon by OU. "My meetings with Coach Stoops and my parents have been to discuss all the scenarios. I see a lot of options in both so I am still undecided on what I want to do. I wish people would give me the opportunity to decide. Once I do, I will make an announcement at the right time. Any reports that are different than that are false.” More

Adrian Peterson to skip senior year, turn pro (ESPN.COM)

Junior running back Adrian Peterson will skip his final year of eligibility at Oklahoma to make himself available for April's NFL draft, sources told the Dallas Morning News on Wednesday.

Peterson will announce his decision as early as Thursday, said the sources, who requested anonymity. While the Morning News reported that Peterson met with Sooners coach Bob Stoops on Wednesday to notify Stoops of his plan to turn pro, Oklahoma spokesman Kenny Mossman told ESPN on Wednesday night that the running back told the coach he had not yet decided.

The 6-foot-2 tailback has until the close of business Monday to declare his availability for the draft.


Adrian Peterson is expected to announce his intention to enter the NFL draft by Friday, according to a source close to the Oklahoma tailback.

Peterson has been interviewing prospective agents for several weeks. He plans to meet with agent Jimmy Sexton on Thursday, the source said. It would be Peterson's second meeting with the agent.

According to two sources, Peterson previously met with agents Drew Rosenhaus and Tom Condon.

Peterson and OU coach Bob Stoops were expected to meet Wednesday to discuss the tailback's decision. Neither Stoops nor Peterson could be reached for comment. Both had been out of the state for much of the past week, since Oklahoma's 43-42 overtime loss to Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.

Peterson said before the Fiesta Bowl that he suspected his decision about the NFL would play out much as his college decision did three years ago. Even though he waited until the Army All-American Bowl to make his choice known -- selecting the Sooners in front of a national television audience -- he said he long knew what he wanted to do.

It was just a matter of making sure.

Among his considerations this time around is who will be his agent.

Sexton represents several high-profile players and coaches, including new Alabama coach Nick Saban.

Rosenhaus is considered the most high-powered agent in sports. He represents Terrell Owens, Edgerrin James and Chad Johnson among others. His ruthless style has become as feared by NFL front offices as lamented by media types.

Among his more memorable moments was the 2005 press conference held in front of Owens' house. Rosenhaus refused to answer questions, cutting off reporters, asking repeatedly "Next question."

Condon split ways recently with IMG, the sports representation giant, and started his own company with baseball agent Casey Close. When he left IMG, Condon brought along the likes of the Manning brothers, Peyton and Eli, as well as Chargers tailback LaDainian Tomlinson.

ESPN Mock Draft has AD going to Houston
8. Houston (6-10)
Projected pick: Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
Peterson is expected to make his decision to bolt for the NFL in the next few days. Drafting Peterson here would help to overshadow the Texans' colossal mistake of passing on Reggie Bush with the top overall pick last year.

Has Adrian Peterson run his last at OU?

Peterson taking his time on his decision



Adrian Peterson Tribute Video

Name your favorite Adrian Peterson moment on board

What Made Adrian Peterson Great?