Peterson seeking place among elite

Adrian Peterson talks about his goals this year at the Big 12 Media Day

"I set my goals and I set my goals high," Peterson said. "I always have, so I guess I'd say 2,200 yards is my goal. Like I said, I set my goals high.

"It's not like I'm crazy or overconfident, that's just how I am and that's why I've been successful - because I set my goals high and I go after them."

"They like to say I can't catch the ball, but that's crazy, I can catch the ball," Peterson said. "You've got to throw it to me first. Just getting the ball in the open will give me a little more space, so I'm looking forward to that."

Big 12 Media Days: OU's Peterson thinking big from DMN blog
Oklahoma was the last team to head into the banquet room here at the Marriott Country Club Plaza, but the Sooners certainly drew the lion’s share of attention. RB Adrian Peterson said his goal this season is 2,200 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards.

The first part I can understand. But, c’mon, AD. 500 receiving yards? This is a guy who has 14 career catches for 62 yards in two seasons.

“I can catch the ball,” Peterson said. “You’ve got to throw it to me first.”

Coach Bob Stoops said: “He’s not the easiest guy to sneak out on a screen. It’s not like they’re not watching him.”

Big 12 Media day with OU: Audio & Quotes (pdf format) You must have Adobe Reader installed to view PDF files.

Colin Cowherd of ESPNRADIO on Monday July 24, said, "Andre Peterson" COLIN ITS ADRIAN. He said Andre Peterson is overrated and a head case.
I am calling COLIN out on this, overrated? how so? Adrian Peterson could start for 15 NFL Teams RIGHT NOW. Head case? What?
Colin's email is I listen to Colin because he talks about football every day. But to say AD is overrated and a head case, Colin is way off. Keep kissing Notre Dame's ASS Colin.
CollegeFootballNews ranks the Irish 18th in the country.
As CFN points out, they beat NOT ONE GOOD TEAM last year. And the recruiting classes the last few years sucked. Good luck with that talent in South Bend. May Colin should read Athlon's report on Adrian Peterson

Athlon Sports review of Adrian Peterson

Adrian Peterson was named Preseason Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year for the second consecutive season. Complete roster

Workout numbers are in, Adrian Peterson runs a 4.37 40 yard dash this past spring

CNNSI Oklahoma Preview

OU has released its tentative 2006 Depth Chart going into camp

The overal player ratings for the Oklahoma Sooners on NCAA 2007

Just added to videos: Adrian Peterson vs Texas 2004 Broken up into 5 vids

Peterson will finally play in front of Dad

A moving experience for Adrian Peterson July 10, 2006 article

What is Peterson doing this summer besides, working out?
Many local and regional requests by the media, Peterson is also wanted, among other special requests, for a photo shoot that would place him on the cover of the Orlando Sentinel’s college football preview; by Men’s Fitness for a sit-down interview; and by ESPN and ESPN the magazine for projects focusing on him and his father.HBO has inquired about a possible segment with Bryant Gumbel.

Heisman Trophy isn't Peterson's only motivation: CNNSI Article June 29, 2006
More Than a Heisman Motivates Peterson: MSNBC Article June 29, 2006

Transcript: Adrian Peterson teleconference June 28, 2006

Look for Adrian Peterson to run wild vs Texas
Adrian Peterson's father, incarcerated since his son was in the seventh grade, has been moved to a halfway house in Dallas and has a projected release date of Oct. 5.

Two days later, in that same city, the Oklahoma Sooners play Texas in the Cotton Bowl.

"If everything goes good, he should be there," the OU tailback said. "It's going to be crazy, being able to look in the stands, see him. Maybe be the extra drive I'll need."

Newest Adrian Peterson video
Adrian Peterson #28 - Get excited Sooner fans. He is BACK!

A.D.'s Goin Back To Texas

Would Adrian Peterson start for USC? CFN question
Q: I have a USC fan as a friend who thinks Adrian Peterson would not start at Southern Cal this year since they like, in his word, "more versatile" backs. Everyone else except him agrees with me, an Arkansas fan who dislikes OU strongly, that Adrian Peterson would start at USC. What about you, do you agree? - CP

A: LenDale White was versatile? Adrian Peterson would start this year for at least 15 NFL teams; I think Pete Carroll would be able to carve out a smidge of starting time for him.

So goodbye to Adrian Peterson wearing his dark visor, NCAA rule change for 2006, Visors must be clear.
***Rule 1-4-5-s, Eye Shields
Change: In the illegal equipment rules, only eye shields that are completely clear will be allowed.***

Rationale: In reports from the NCAA’s Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sport and the National Athletic Trainers Association, both groups supported eliminating this allowance. Both groups noted that there are alternatives to the helmet shields if an eye condition warrants protection (contact lenses, sport goggles, etc.). Coaches in the NCAA rules survey also overwhelmingly supported the change.

OU announces 2007 Schedule

LASooners 2005 Highlight Video is out! All the great Adrian Peterson runs
Part 1

and Part 2

Bruce Feldman of ESPN lists the Top Offensive Difference makers, look who is number 4. Adrian Peterson:
Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma, RB: I feel like many people have forgotten how fantastic Peterson was as a true freshman in 2004. But he's healthy again, so don't be surprised if he makes another Heisman run. The Sooners' O-line is green, but Peterson's still the heart of OU football. He makes life for emerging quarterback Rhett Bomar and his young wideouts so much easier. With Peterson hobbled for much of last season, the Sooners struggled. As we get closer to kickoff, expect Oklahoma to start surfacing as one of those trendy picks to win it all this year.

ESPN lists Adrian Peterson the best running back in the nation
1. Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma, JR, 6-1, 215
Peterson's disappointing 2005 campaign was hardly a sophomore slump. While he was limited by injuries, inexperience along the offensive line and dismal quarterback play from first-year starter Rhett Bomar were the bigger factors that contributed to Peterson's reduced numbers. With a far more established supporting cast this fall, Peterson's production should mirror that of his freshman season in 2004, when he ran for 1,925 yards and 15 touchdowns.

June 6, 2006 - If there was ever a doubt of Adrian Peterson's dominance, check the ratings of NCAA Football 07. Peterson is a 98 overall, a full four points higher than the second best back. There's a name for players like this…Heisman.

"I think adrian peterson is going to explode this year" Kirk Herbstreit, on the Colin Cowherd Show 6/7/06

Athlon Sports podcast talking about the pre-season number 1 Oklahoma Sooners, they call Adrian Peterson the all everything back

New Adrian Peterson animated gif, save it, and host it yourself please, no hotlinking.
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Check out video page, lots of new Adrian Peterson videos

adrian peterson athlon coverWriter Mark Bradley thinks, "Oklahoma’s Adrian Peterson will win the Heisman. Auburn’s Kenny Irons will finish third. Notre Dame’s Brady Quinn will finish fifth." Link

Dustin, Dallas: Beano, True or False? Adrian Peterson breaks the 2,000 yard mark this season?

SportsNation Beano Cook: He has a shot. If they play for the championship in th Big 12 he will have 13 games. Peterson should have a big season and for Oklahoma to contend for a national title, he must have a big season.

Athlon Sports has OU ranked Number 1 in their Preseason Poll. Athlon writes: "Peterson is the best ball-carrier in America, and no one else is close." Click Here For The Article

Buckeyes, Sooners lead post-spring Top 25 by the Great Ivan Maisel
2. Oklahoma Sooners
You've got to be pretty good to go 8-4 while rebuilding. Quarterback Rhett Bomar comes into his own as a sophomore, and junior tailback Adrian Peterson is healthy.

playboy all american
Playboy All-American team, in Phoenix during the photo shoot, Adrian Peterson in the center

adrian peterson gil brandt dwayne jarrettGil Brandt, from the Playboy Shoot gives the Quiet Man and Nice Guy Award to Adrian Peterson
"Doesn't say much, but went out of his way to be nice to the players and guests. "

Heisman hunt is on for Adrian Peterson

Dennis Dodd of CBSSportsline: Heisman Week: Breaking down the candidates
Dennis says of Adrian Peterson:
Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma, Jr.: He's over injury and offensive line problems. Look for AP to run for at least 1,500 as the Sooners get back in the national championship race. Credibility: If you have forgotten, Peterson finished second in Heisman voting as a 19-year old freshman.

New Adrian Peterson Highlight Video 2005 with 1 run from the HS All Star game

New 2005 Adrian Peterson Highlight video by BIgCrimsonTX. Click Here

Adrian Peterson in Phoenix for the Playboy All-American photoshoot
Garret Wolfe writes in his online diary: "My roommate is Oklahoma tailback Adrian Peterson. We got to talk for a couple of hours. It was nice to talk to someone in a similar situation. He's on a much larger scale than me, but we play the same position and endured many of the same things." The 2006 Playboy weekend will be televised on NFL Network.

NCAA 2007 Custom Covers for Xbox 360 with Adrian Peterson
Cover 1 | Cover 2 | Cover 3

The Sporting News Big 12 Preseason Players Of The Year are Adrian Peterson and Rufus Alexander

ESPN's Spring Review

Ivan Maisel on what to look for in the Big 12: Adrian Peterson ran on one ankle last season and still gained more than 1,000 yards. If the Oklahoma junior can stay healthy this season, not only will he win the Heisman but he'll return the Sooners to contention for the national championship on his way to being the top pick in the 2007 NFL draft.

Pat Forde's view: Does Adrian Peterson return to freshman form, win the Heisman and/or go pro? The Oklahoma running back toiled behind a leaky line and had to play hurt last year. With better blocking and 13 healthy starts, he's a 2,000-yard guy — and a first-round draft pick. 2007 Mock Draft: And with the first pick of the 2007 draft, the Green Bay Packers select, Adrian Peterson, Running Back, Oklahoma
"Will the Pack's first post-Favre-era draft pick be the Sooners' star runner? Peterson had a down year in 2005 -- 1,108 rushing yards and nagging injuries -- after nearly winning the Heisman in 2004, but should be primed for a big junior season."

The 2 Newest Adrian Peterson videos from

And this one...more of a montage


Jackie Sherrill: "In a less surprising pick, Sherrill said he considered Oklahoma’s Adrian Peterson to be the best running back. “I’ve been there watching him come out of meetings without a shirt on,” Sherrill said. “I’ve watched him practice and I’ve watched him in games. When you have a kid that plays that hard every second in practice, then realize the strength he has, plus he’s a 4.3 (40-yard dash) kid, that gets your attention.”

CBS Sportsline picks OU 5th. Oklahoma: Peterson will be the Reggie Bush of 2007, in a good way.

College Football News 2007 Underclassmen likely to go info the draft next year.
1. RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma – Remember the Matt Leinart created when he announced he’d be back at USC for his senior year? If Peterson decides to return to school in 2007, it’ll be even bigger news. He’s a once-every-generation franchise back, who’ll have a difficult time ignoring the high first-round grade he gets later this year. Not since Bo Jackson 20 years ago has a college back had such a blend of power and speed, and depending on the need of its owner, the top overall pick could be Peterson or Notre Dame quarterback Brady Quinn. Link

Bruce Feldman's ESPN Chat 4/26:
Jimi (Toledo): Top 5 Heisman candidates?

Bruce: (12:41 PM ET ) Adrian Peterson
Brady Quinn
Troy Smith
Brian Brohm
Mike Hart/Kenny Irons

Stewart Mandel's Spring Top 25 - Oklahoma #6
Oklahoma Sooners
Key returnees: RB Adrian Peterson, LB Rufus Alexander, DE Carl Thibodeaux, DE C.J. Ah You
Spring star: CB Reggie Smith. The heralded sophomore, who moved from safety to corner, has the looks of a big-time playmaker.
Lowdown: With eight returning starters, the Sooners will likely trot out their best defense in several years, and a healthy Adrian Peterson is obviously a major luxury. The season will turn on how well the young offensive line can protect QB Rhett Bomar, who himself needs to develop.

NCAA Football 07: Turn the Tide
Trick plays, momentum, and academic ineligibility

CollegeFootballNews' Oklahoma Preview
Best Offensive Player: Junior RB Adrian Peterson. He's saying it's not a given he'll be off to the big league next year, but it'll be a shock if he sticks around to put another 300+ carries of mileage on. He's already one of the favorites for the Heisman and the accolades won't stop coming all season long, so watch as many try to look for the negatives and the knocks.
Running Backs: Adrian Peterson is the best back in college football and should be a threat for 2,000 yards if he can stay healthy. The backup situation is a question mark needing to see what top recruits DeMarco Murray, Mossis Madu and Chris Brown can bring this fall. Allen Patrick was the number two back throughout spring, but the former defensive back should quickly get pushed aside by the young stars. Longtime starting fullback J.D. Runnels will be replaced by 242-pound Dane Zaslaw.
The key to the unit: Finding a steady number two and three back to keep Adrian Peterson from wearing down.
Running Back Rating: 10
Projected Starter
- Adrian Peterson, Jr. - 220 carries, 1,104 yards, 5.0 ypc, 14 TD, 9 catches, 50 yards
The best player in college football and the number one pick in the draft if/when he decides to come out next season, the franchise back has to stay healthy for a full season. He had problems with an ankle injury during the middle part of last year carrying it a mere 16 times over a four-game span, and then he got healthy and ripped up the back half of the season with four straight 100-yard days highlighted by a breathtaking 237-yard performance against Oklahoma State. He's a tremendous mix of 6-2 size, warp speed, and a warrior's mentality. His running style is a bit too upright and he takes a few too many big shots, but that's nitpicking for the NFL types to worry about.
Click Here for CFN Oklahoma Preview Chat with Beano Cook:
Os (Jersey):
will Adrian Peterson regain "elite" status?

Beano Cook: Yes, he seems to be healthy now and from all reports, Oklahoma will be a serious national championship contender. They should be OK at QB, and the defense will be solid again.

Stewart Mandel on the Sooners this spring

And it appears Adrian Peterson's first spring was a very successful one, even though he played under the cloud of a blue jersey in scrimmage situations.

"I just liked his practice habits," said Wilson of Peterson. "I liked his attention to detail. I thought he practiced with a purpose and I didn't think he was just out here being a talented guy."

Question to Cory Bennett: Be honest here. Is it hard to lay off Adrian Peterson when he has that blue jersey on?

Answer: It is, you know. It really is. One thing I can say is when AD tries to juke you, you can never get a good grab on him. Now we just touch him, and he's down. That makes it a little easier. Me and AD keep going back and forth with each other about blue jersey. He says I'm lucky he has that on so he can't run me over. I tell him he's lucky or else he'd get punked. It's all fun and all good.

Adrian Peterson, Sooners want tailbacks more involved in passing game

Spring Practice is over. Adrian Peterson practiced Wednesday and Thursday.

Not so fast: Ironically, one of the things co-offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson would like to see Adrian Peterson do: slow down, at least at times.

“He’s so fast sometimes, he’s his own worst enemy,” Wilson said. “So we’d like to see him concentrate on the pacing of plays, letting plays develop to make cuts, instead of just running around like the fastest guy on the field, sometimes running into trouble.”

“That game is a huge mark on my calendar. Him being Adrian Peterson, any running back would have an extra push.” —Oregon's Jonathan Stewart, on a Sept. 16 matchup against Oklahoma

Where's Peterson?
The most noticeable absence Tuesday at Oklahoma's practice was running back Adrian Peterson. Head coach Bob Stoops said Peterson was at the dentist because of a tooth problem, but will be fine and ready to go Wednesday

OU's Red / White game a HIT for ESPN
NORMAN, Okla. -- Last Saturday represented a high-exposure day for University of Oklahoma Athletics on ESPN. Record-setting ratings also made it a very good day for the network.
The Red/White Spring Game was the highest rated of the 11 spring games ESPN has televised in recent years. Similarly, the OU at Texas A&M softball game was the highest rated regular season softball game ever for ESPN.
Some 9.1 million people watched the football and softball games according to the network.
The popularity falls in line with success realized by the OU brand. Of the more than 200 colleges and universities represented by the Collegiate Licensing Company, the OU brand ranked No. 5 nationally last year..

Fairly New Adrian Peterson video on YouTube

OU's Adrian Peterson says he 'can catch the ball'
Running back wants to become bigger part of Sooners' passing game

Spring Football Bash: Top Ten Running Backs
Oklahoma's Peterson rides to the head of the line

Peterson hoping to step up receiving game, Spring Game notes

Don't expect Adrian Peterson to shed his blue jersey for ESPN this Saturday. Stoops says the Heisman Trophy front-runner will still be protected regardless of how badly ESPN would like to see him in action.

"TV's important and all, but not that important. If they made me (play A.D.) then there'd be no game," Stoops said jokingly.

Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson would like to see Adrian Peterson match Reggie Bush's development as he progresses through his career. "I think Adrian is a very talented player, but I don't necessarily know if he's a great running back," Wilson said. "He missed his first preseason last year because of shoulder surgery. He can be better with his pace and setting up his blockers. He needs to trust the scheme. He can be better without the football. I thought Reggie Bush continued to improve while he was at Southern California and he must have had a great spring and summer last year to be the complete player he was. Adrian is a great talent and our goal is to get him to make those steps, too."

Red Storm Rising: With Peterson and Bomar, Sooners look to contend

Will Adrian Peterson stay all 4 years? Article 4/6/06 picks top 5 Heisman contenders, here is where the 3 writers placed Adrian Peterson with their analysis.

Pete Fiutak
1. RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma - He probably should've won it two years ago and voters will realize that now. Peterson might be one of the few players who doesn't need his team to go unbeaten to win the top prize as long as he flirts with the 2,000-yard mark and goes nuts against teams like Oregon and Texas.

Richard Cirminiello
2. RB Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma – We hope you got a good snapshot of Peterson’s brief bout with mediocrity in the first half of 2005.  It may have been the final time we’ll see that until the tail end of his NFL career.  Peterson is the best all-around college football player in America, but he still needs quarterback Rhett Bomar to elevate his game in order to keep opposing defenses from crowding the box to stop No. 28.  

John Harris
3.  Adrian Peterson, Oklahoma – If healthy – heard that one before – he’s downright scary.  With an improved Rhett Bomar able to keep 1,000 guys out of the box, Peterson should be on track to 1,900 yards in a 12 game season.  What we saw in the Holiday Bowl, Peterson pimp slapping anything in a different color jersey, is what we should see throughout the 2006 season.

Saturday's Scrimmage
NORMAN - Adrian Peterson tugged in embarrassment at his blue jersey, then smirked in disgust.
"Oh man, I've joined the blue club," Peterson said Saturday following Oklahoma's first spring scrimmage. "I've always made fun of the quarterbacks. Now I've joined the gang.”
Rough and rugged, one of the nation's most feared running backs, Peterson now carries the protection formerly afforded to the most pampered of football players - the blue jersey that signifies “Hands Off!”
OU protecting the francise known as Adrian Peterson.
Peterson's spring fate is set. He'll work on polishing his skills, some that need work like patiently picking holes, pass blocking and receiving. And he won't be hit, unless he initiates the contact, like he did Friday on one run around left end, planting a shoulder into a defender.


With Adrian Peterson spending most of the 2005 season on the sidelines due to ankle injuries, Bob Stoops says he won't be taking any chances with Peterson during scrimmage situations this spring.

"We're going to be smart," said Stoops of Peterson's status this spring. "If he does get anything in the scrimmage he's going to be (protected). We did that with Quentin Griffin. Some positions are more susceptible (to injury) and you have to watch it. So we'll watch how we work with him too."

Peterson gets plenty of reps in practices. He went just as much as anyone else in today's first full-pad practice. And that's fine with Stoops as his teams don't go completely live until Saturday scrimmages.

"He's turned loose but we're not going live," said Stoops. "Everybody is up high and we aren't taking anyone to the ground so you feel comfortable that you're not risking anything foolishly and we're not."

But that doesn't stop Peterson from laying vicious hits on defenders. During today's practice, Peterson landed a bone-crunching blow on safety Darien Williams. Williams was visibly shaken up even though he tried to pretend the hit didn't affect him. “I’ve been telling them, that’s just what I do,” Peterson said. “Sometimes they may get a little upset, but I’m like, ‘You already know that’s how I run the ball.’ They’re all pretty much used to it by now.

"I keep telling him, 'Why don't you try and avoid somebody.' He's always muscling up on everyone," Stoops said jokingly after practice. has a OU spring football blog

First Spring Practice: Peterson ready to roll:
For Adrian Peterson, the time away from the football field was too long. The Sooners’ star running back said Tuesday had been anxious to get back to work.

“It feels like it’s been a long time, man. I’m ready to get going,” said Peterson, who sat out last spring camp after shoulder surgery. “It’s kind of crazy, I’m going into my third year and it’s the first time I’ve been out for spring. But it’s good to get back to playing. It feels pretty good to be out here running around with the guys and getting things started”

Stoops said having Peterson involved in spring drills will be a big plus.

“Adrian needs work,” Stoops said. “He can polish a lot of things up to become a better and better player. And he's aware of that. So I think this can help him. When you think about the time he has lost, spring last year, two-a-days the year before, he's playing with a lot of raw ability. Some of this practice time can really benefit him”

OU Spring Football Central

OU's Spring Game will be on ESPN, April 8th. How many carries will Adrian Peterson have?

Sooners looking for more than lineman this spring

Mizzou RB being compared to Adrian Peterson, yeah RIGHT
"With Tony Temple, Jimmy Jackson and Earl Goldsmith all nursing injuries, Woods and Connell Davis split the carries evenly yesterday. Davis found less running room and finished with 25 yards on 10 carries and fumbled twice. Though he mistakenly referred to him as Cornell Davis, defensive end Xzavie Jackson raved about the redshirt freshman, comparing him to the premier back in the Big 12, perhaps the country. "He’s going to be a prime-time back," said Jackson, the defense’s star of the day. "Teams are going to have to keep an eye on him because he runs like" Oklahoma’s "Adrian Peterson. He’s going to make people pay this year."

Bruce Feldman's blog on
Adrian Peterson, TB, Oklahoma: The 2006 Heisman favorite turns plenty of heads in the Sooners' weight room. Most impressive feat: Peterson can hold an 80-pound dumbbell in each hand and make a standing jump to the top of a 36-inch wooden box.

Meet the man who gets Adrian Peterson bigger, stronger, and faster

A Q&A with OU student and Miss America Jennifer Berry, SI on Campus

SIOC: Is there friction between you and Adrian Peterson about who's the more important OU student?

JB: I like Adrian. He's a good guy. I'm a big fan of his, but he probably doesn't remember me. I met him two years ago. He was looking at a billboard in the communications building and I walked up and I was like, "I'm Jennifer Berry, Hi!" I was completely starstruck. He was very friendly and said, "Oh it's my pleasure to meet you." He probably doesn't remember it.

Kick ass Adrian Peterson picture from the Holiday Bowl

Ivan Maisel,
Thursday, Feb. 16
1. If you're worried about Oklahoma tailback Adrian Peterson's ankle, don't. When offseason conditioning began, Peterson ran a 4.41 in the 40. Strength coach Jerry Schmidt announced, "4.4" and told Peterson not to run again. When a couple of teammates also ran "4.4s", albeit 4.46 or so, Peterson's competitive instinct took over. He got back in line. This time: 4.35.

2006 OU schedule is set, 12 games! how many yards will Adrian Peterson run for? Predictions below

Sept. 2 UAB (Adrian Peterson runs for 130 yards)
Sept. 9 Washington (Adrian Peterson runs for 130 yards)
Sept. 16 at Oregon (Adrian Peterson runs for 155 yards)
Sept. 23 Middle Tennessee State (Adrian Peterson runs for 211)
Sept. 30 Open
Oct. 7 Texas (Adrian Peterson runs for 135)
Oct. 14 Iowa State (Adrian Peterson runs for 225)
Octl. 21 Colarado (Adrian Peterson runs for 215)
Oct. 28 at Missouri (Adrian Peterson runs for 190)
Nov. 4 at Texas A&M (Adrian Peterson runs for 120)
Nov. 11 Texas Tech (Adrian Peterson runs for 160)
Nov. 18 at Baylor (Adrian Peterson runs for 200 yards)
Nov. 25 at Oklahoma State (Adrian Peterson runs for 210 yards)
Dec. 2 Big 12 Championship Game (Adrian Peterson runs for 165 yards)
Jan. 4 Fiesta Bowl (Adrian Peterson runs for 110 yards)

ESPN the mag. Feb 13, 2006.

"He’s just so smooth and fluid. He is a star in the making. When you watch him, he has that special franchise-type look that Adrian Peterson possesses." Bob Licthenfels of on LeSean McCoy. Ok Bob, we'll be watching. picks Adrian Peterson to win the Heisman and OU to win the BCS

Who will win the Heisman Trophy?

Adrian Peterson, RB Oklahoma. Peterson will win and he had better thank the development of his quarterback, Rhett Bomar. The Heisman voters will appreciate the fact that Peterson carried the young Sooners to the BCS National Championship Game.

Who will play in the BCS National Championship Game?

Oklahoma over USC. The Sooners were a young team last year. They learned a lot from the rough season. They will put that to good use against a Big XII that really only has one other competitor, Texas. USC has some tough games, but nothing that they shouldn’t be able to get through. This is more of a testament to the state of the Pac 10, rather than the state of USC. Obviously the Trojans' season is dependent upon finding a quarterback, but the quarterback that they’ll eventually find will only have to go against other Pac 10 defenses. Doesn’t seem that daunting.

CFN picks Adrian Peterson and the Sooners as #7 going into 2006

Reported on a sooner message board, Adrian Peterson @ testing this week weighed 217 and ran a 4.37.

The 2005 Instant IQ Awards, don't see any quotes about Adrian Peterson, but a few about Rhett Bomar "Best Football Players of 2006" Number 1. Adrian Peterson

After bursting onto the scene in 2004 with the most prolific rushing season ever by a freshman (1,925 yards and 15 TDs) and finishing second in Heisman voting, Peterson's hype faded a bit in his sophomore campaign as he missed some time with a badly sprained ankle and Oklahoma fell from grace.
But the player whom some thought could go straight to the pros out of high school still rushed for 1,108 yards and 14 TDs in limited action.