Vikings RB Adrian Peterson is returning to team and is expected to play Sunday, team announced.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) September 15, 2014

9/11/2014: Vince Wilfork welcomes Adrian Peterson challenge and AD calls Patterson's playmaking 'a breath of fresh air'

9/10/2014: Adrian Peterson ran for 75 yards on 21 carries, had 2 catches for 18 yards vs St. Louis Rams - Stats Page Updated


Adrian Peterson statement says it was a "casual conversation" with Jerry Jones and that he wants to retire a Viking.

— Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) August 28, 2014

August 28, 2014: Did Adrian Peterson tell Jerry Jones he wants to play for the Cowboys? Accoring to "Outside the Lines"/ESPN The Magazine profile of Jones by ESPN senior writer Don Van Natta Jr. that was published Thursday.

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August 27, 2014: Adrian Peterson: This is 'best offense I've played in'
"I've been watching the offense the last few games, and it's like, 'Man, they don't even need me,'" he said, per The Star Tribune. "Teams are going to have to play more honest. If they do stack the box, we'll beat them with the passing game."

August 21, 2014: A Look Back - John E. Hoover: Adrian Peterson's top five runs from 2004
I think 4 of the 5 runs are in this video

August 18, 2014: Adrian Peterson could be last of dying breed: an NFL workhorse at running back

August 14, 2014 : Is Adrian Peterson already a Hall of Famer?

August 10, 2014: AD the QB?

MANKATO, Minn.-Adrian Peterson, amateur quarterback. Vikes at work this afternoon.

— Peter King (@SI_PeterKing) August 10, 2014

August 9, 2014: 14 Questions for Adrian Peterson an 1 set up question for his plug

August 6, 2014: Giants RB Andre Williams patterning himself after Adrian Peterson
"I like how violent he is as a runner. He gets to top speed when the ball is snapped and how he uses his hands and shoulders as weapons on the field. I really try to incorporate that in my game."

August 5, 2014: Adrian Peterson on SiriusXM, NFL Radio

July 30, 2014: All ACL tear injuries now point to Adrian Peterson's recovery as the 'exception" most players take 2 years to feel right.

July 29, 2014: Adrian Peterson energized by new offense. Peterson repeatedly used the term "versatility" when talking about his role in Turner's system.


Mike Zimmer told me he has nothing to see from Adrian Peterson in preseason. If he wants to get a carry or 2, he will. But may just get none

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) July 28, 2014

July 27, 2014: via @JayGlazer "Another note, Adrian Peterson, who was Frazier's biggest supporter in that locker room, has bought into Zimmer BIG TIME! He couldn't stop raving about Zimmer and his no-BS style to me."

July 26, 2014: Adrian Peterson wants to play every down - Typically listed at 217 pounds, Peterson said he bulked up to 227
Adrian Peterson camp 2014

July 24, 2014: Adrian Peterson enters his eighth NFL training camp having rushed for at least 10 touchdowns in each of his first seven NFL seasons. The only player who has ever had a longer streak of seasons with 10+ rushing touchdowns is NFL Network's own LaDainian Tomlinson, who did it in nine straight seasons from 2001-09 (all nine seasons he played in San Diego). The only other player with an active streak of even two straight seasons with 10+ rushing TD is Marshawn Lynch, who has done so in each of the past three seasons.

July 21, 2014: Adrian Peterson got married, apparently
July 21, 2014: Adrian Peterson trade value

July 15, 2014: Video: Jennie Finch vs Adrian Peterson

July 14, 2014: Adrian Peterson and Zach Parise Take Batting Practice at FanFest

June 22, 2014: “We’ll win with or without you,” Oklahoma running backs coach Cale Gundy told Peterson, the nation’s No. 1 overall prospect in the recruiting class of 2004. Read More

June 21, 2014: Adrian Peterson: Turning 30 'doesn't apply to me' and Turner: Vikings trying to get Peterson in passing game

June 19, 2014: Adrian Peterson opens up on new-look Vikings, his future and finding peace
Some bits..
Q: There's this media-driven debate about Adrian Peterson versus LeSean McCoy as the NFL's best back. A few years ago, it was Adrian Peterson versus Chris Johnson. It's a testament to you that it's been Adrian Peterson versus somebody for this long.
A: I would say it's a pretty good thing. That's why I say blessed and highly favored. There's always going to be a young guy that thinks they're better than me. And I don't blame them. When I was in high school, this guy came down from Dallas and he interviewed me – as a matter of fact, it was my senior year, and (Maurice) Clarett had won the little case (to enter the draft early). I was like, 'Yeah, I feel I can come out of high school' (to the NFL). I was 200 pounds and I ran a low-4.3. I'm like, 'I'm faster than the Cowboys running back. I'm sure I can get out there and play.' So, the mentality of a young guy coming in, wanting to be the best and kind of speaking that and believing that, I understand that. It just comes with it. I just enjoy when the talk comes up, when for instance, like a month and a half ago, LeSean McCoy makes a statement that, 'Hey, I'm the best running back in the league.' But he don't believe it.

Q: You've had surgeries in three consecutive offseasons now – the knee reconstruction, then the sports hernia, then the adductor release. Next year, you turn 30, which is a scary number for running backs. At what point does durability become a concern?
A: I feel I have longevity. There's things that I know personally I could've done better to try to prevent some of the injuries that occurred the last two years – especially last year, because towards the end of the season, that's when it really started to break down. I've been able to kind of focus on those areas as far as the healing process this year and kind of like backdoor-ing what I missed out on last year as far as strengthening the area that kind of triggered the surgery I had to have, the adductor release. But I feel like I'm going to play this game as long as I can. I came back from my ACL injury and won MVP. So, what's a groin? What's an adductor? That's how I look at things. I feel like if you just continue to take care of your body, working out, making sure you're in shape and you stay on top of your game, you can play as long as you want.

June 6, 2014: Adrian Peterson Day to be marked by health fair
Real simple, eat real food, fruits, veggies, nuts, fish that eat what they want, not farmed, cows that grass on grass, chickens that eat bugs on the ground, eggs from those chickens. Eat that and you won't get sick.

June 2, 2014: Adrian Peterson full participant at Vikings OTAs coming off groin injury.
"I’m well enough to go out and perform and not really feel like I’m going to injure myself or hurt myself. I still have a little work to do to get the strength back in the groin, but I’m comfortable when I’m out there practicing."

May 30, 2014: Jerick McKinnon makes good impression on Adrian Peterson
“I like the kid,” AD said Thursday on the second day of a three-day organized team activity session. “He’s quiet, but he’s a hard worker. A smart kid, you can see he’s hungry to learn. When I’m watching him in meetings and things, and out here at practice, he’s definitely picking up things, picking up the offense well. He’s quick, got some great explosiveness that I’ve seen. I think he’s going to be able to do some good things.”

. @HerecomedaBLOOM - @AdrianPeterson is my favorite RB to watch. He's the throwback type of runner. One special back. #AskBarrySanders

— NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) May 27, 2014

May 9, 2014: Guess who's at the top of the list for the Top 10 Running Backs of the BCS Era?

May 3 ,2014: Adrian Peterson ready to be more of a receiver
“Definitely going to be involved more in the pass game. That’s something I look forward to,” Peterson said at Winter Park on Thursday after three days of initiation into new offensive co-ordinator Norv Turner’s complex system.

April 28, 2014: 7 Years ago today, Adrian Peterson was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings

April 25, 2014: Jim Brown says Adrian Peterson could break NFL rushing record
"If he wants that and he dedicates himself and he has good fortune, that's a great possibility," Brown said in a phone interview with the Pioneer Press from his Los Angeles home.

"I think if he sets his goals and he understands his circumstances and he knows what it takes, that he can be successful. I'm not saying that he will break the record, I'm just saying it's a possibility."

"He's a great football player," Brown said of Peterson. "He's always been a real fine gentleman and a great worker. His running style and the effort he puts in is unbelievable. I have the greatest respect for him. ... I like his attitude as a runner. I like the fact that God gave him a body that's big enough and he's fast enough."

April 26, 2014: Adrian Peterson to endow OU scholarship, help fund new housing facility

April 23, 2014: 1st Annual Adrian Peterson’s Yards and Cards To Benefit the All Day Foundation will debut July 11-12, 2014 in Norman, Oklahoma.

April 18, 2014: All Day Comedy All Starts hit Vegas
kevin hart adrian peterson vegas

April 9, 2014: Adrian Peterson akes aim at NCAA, NBA commissioner Adam Silver

March, 26, 2014:

Hyperice "Adrian Peterson" from DNA Inc on Vimeo.

02/22/2014: Vikings expect Adrian Peterson to be ready for first minicamp

02/08/2014: Norv Turner wants to spread field for Adrian Peterson
"He's run the ball in closed-in quarters with a lot of defenders there and he makes a lot of long runs, making people miss or running over people," Turner said, via ESPN. "It's hard to do, but we would like to get him in space and getting the field spread a little bit better for him."

01/31/2014:..... Comedy...
adrian peterson comedy showcase super bowl

01/29/2014: Adrian Peterson: I Have 'Wolverine Blood' in Me, Will Break Rushing Record

01/23/2014: Vikings announce Adrian Peterson’s surgery by Dr. Meyers “successfully repair(ed) his adductor muscle while doing compartmental release.” Six-week rehab for Peterson. Statement from the Vikings

01/19/2014: Minnesota halfback Adrian Peterson may require groin surgery later this offseason. SOURCE: Tom Pelissero, USA Today

11/15/2014: Via ‏@RavensInsider "Eddie Lacy replaces Adrian Peterson in Pro Bowl, Packers announce"

Adrian Peterson tweet happy new year

12/30/13: Adrian Peterson plans to talk with Wilfs on Monday

12/25/13: Adrian Peterson wants to play in the MetroDome finale

12/23/13: Adrian Peterson Wants Leslie Frazier Back, But Keeping Him Doesn’t Make Much Sense

12/20/13: @ClaytonESPN : Adrian Peterson is questionable but it appears he will be able to play despite a foot injury.
John Clyton tweet about Adrian Peterson

12/16/13: Adrian Peterson Sucks At Giving Gifts - Video

12/09/13: Monday (The frustration of Adrian Peterson) edition: Wha' Happened?

12/08/13: Adrian Peterson not happy with Balitmore fans, goes to twitter to announce his displeasure
Stay classy Baltimore.

Adrian Peterson tweets

12/05/13: Adrian Peterson: 'Cool to play' in Texas He says he would love to play for 1 team his entire career, then again, playing near home in Dallas or Houston sounds ok to him.

12/01/13: Adrian Peterson had 211 yards rushing on 35 carries in the Vikings OT victory over Chicago Bears today
‏@StaceyDales now I asked Adrian Peterson what it's like to see 9, 10, 11 defenders in the box. His response: "Just another day".
stacey dales

11/25/13: Adrian Peterson: All Day piles up 146 yards, TD in MIN-GB tie
11/25/13: How Adrian Peterson Copes With Severe Food Allergies
11/25/13: Eddie Lacy watched video of Adrian Peterson to see how to handle eight-man boxes.

11/21/13: "Now let’s really annoy one-twelfth of the readers by noting that Peterson is 28 years old with nearly 2,000 carries and currently is averaging the lowest yards per carry of his career." Has AD lost a step? Yahoo Fantasy Football article

11/20/13: Adrian Peterson, will play his 100th career game on Sunday
11/20/13: Vikings RB Adrian Peterson: NFL rules designed to ‘baby’ quarterbacks
“You think about Drew Brees and the hit he took (against the 49ers). I love Drew Brees. He’s one of my favorite guys to watch, but that hit he took wasn’t a penalty,” Peterson said to “So they kind of baby the quarterbacks, but the running back, we’re like every other player. We get hit, and that’s what it is.”

11/20/13: Eric Dickerson thinks 'Adrian Peterson needs a quarterback'
"He really needs a quarterback; that would make it a lot easier on him. [The Vikings' quarterback situation is] terrible. I've been there. I mean, I've been so frustrated that when we completed a pass downfield I wanted to be like the people in the stands, jumping up and down and saying 'Way to go'," Dickerson told the St Paul Pioneer Press.

11/11/13: All-22 Film Breakdown: Adrian Peterson 18-Yard Touchdown Run
Look at the crevice AD had......
Adrian Peterson touchdown run vs Washington Redskins

11/04/13: Jason Garrett lauds Adrian Peterson
11/04/13: Peterson returns to MVP form with 25 carries, 140 yards
11/04/13: Vikings loss leaves Adrian Peterson with sour taste despite sweet personal stats
11/04/13: NFL Week 9 as told by Twitter: Adrian Peterson can't be stopped

Adrian Peterson Touchdown vs. Cowboys
Adrian Peterson somehow scored on this run

11/01/13: Heading home and relatively healthy, Adrian Peterson wants to emphasize the run
Peterson reveals he's had hamstring tightness.

10/31/13: When Vikings trail, Peterson disappears
The Vikings are not turning to Adrian Peterson to help them climb out from deficits this season.

10/31/13: Peterson backs run game in Texas schools

10/25/13: Hamstring injury made Peterson 'hesitant'

10/23/13: Ray Lewis: Adrian Peterson will have to make Barry Sanders decision
“Me going out on that field tonight and me looking at Adrian Peterson’s eyes, it’s something that I want to bring up that I don’t want to see happen to this young kid. Because we saw it happen to a great one one time before, which was Barry Sanders,” Lewis began.
“If he keeps going down this road, he’s going to have to make a business decision just like Barry Sanders made a while ago. He plays the game with so much passion and so much love, and he plays it so hard … and to do him like that, to surround him with a team like that … I don’t like to see great people go through things like that.
“I think they have to figure it all out organizationally to figure out what is going on with the Minnesota Vikings.”

10/23/13: Ponder will start Sunday, Freeman has a concussion, Albert Breer jokes on twitter that the Packers will put 14 in the box vs Peterson

10/4/13: Vikings need Peterson to carry them once more

Adrian Peterson London
10/01/13: Adrian Peterson took his time to make his mark as the NFL returned to Wembley Stadium last night, but it was worth the wait. Read More “The atmosphere was electric. Coming out of that tunnel, looking at all that purple yellow, I feel like we trumped them a little, and all that energy it felt like a home game.”
Read more

9/30/13: Adrian Peterson showed once why he is the best running back in the NFL when he broke a long 60-yard touchdown run as the Vikings play the Steelers in London. It was a classic Peterson touchdown run. He made some defenders miss, broke through the tackles of other defenders, and then finished the touchdown run with pure speed, out-running the defense…

9/27/13: William Gay on talks about getting trucked by Adrian Peterson

9/27/13: Adrian Peterson riled after chat with Jim Schwartz

9/23/13: Adrian Peterson's daughter "I can't believe you lost to the Browns Daddy!"
adrian peterson tweet

9/20/13: Adrian Peterson not worried about Minnesota Vikings’ 0-2 start
"Sitting at 0-2 now, the mindset is just to continue to push. We know that we’re able to do what we want to do as an offense, and just as a team, and we can do that if we be ourselves, so that’s really the mindset right now. Continue to take it one week at a time and take away the things that hurt us, you know, the turnovers, the missed opportunities, and things like that. Start doing the normal things better and we’ll be okay. So that’s the vibe I’m getting. Guys are not holding their head down at all. We understand what we need to do and we just need to get it done. It’s simple. That’s when the leadership group steps up. The small group that we have. Just keeping our team together and knowing that this is the National Football League. There’s no championships won here in this month, September, so just staying focused and understanding what we need to do, and making sure that those young guys understand that leading those guys, you know, and getting back on track. That’s going to be the biggest thing for us."

9/19/13: Adrian Peterson mention in an article on the Trent Richardson trade that I found amusing
"Richardson was averaging just 3.5 yards a carry this year, so, it's not like they just traded away Adrian Peterson." LOL

9/16/13:  Updated Adrian Peterson Stats 100 yards rushing on 26 carries, one fumble lost, that's only his 4th in past 4 years.

9/11/13: How did the Lions shut down Adrian Peterson after his 78 yard run? 15 yards on 17 carries. Link

9/09/13: Updated Adrian Peterson Stats and Adrian Peterson video with the 78 yard td run vs Detroit yesterday.

9/01/13: Woke up this morning to see Adrian Peterson: In my mind, I’m getting younger
“I feel like me not realizing that helps me,” Peterson said, via Dan Wiederer of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. “Me not thinking about, ‘Well, my clock is starting to tick, getting older and older.’ That’s not doing nothing but hurting me. So I’m thinking in my mind that each year I’m getting younger. Any way I can look at it with the most positive view that’s going to help me, that’s the way I’m looking at it.”

Adrian Peterson Wheates