Adrian Peterson carried the ball 32 times for 225 yards
Now the entire country is talking about AD and his chances for the Heisman


Notes from CFN viewing the game

"OU starting on its own 3 Ö And welcome to the new legend. Adrian Peterson ripped off a 44-yard dash and was a half step away from being gone" "All Peterson needs is a little bit of a hole and heís a ten-yard run waiting to happen" "Itís going to be the chic thing to say, but Peterson is ready for the NFL right now. You canít tell me heís not physically ready to contribute on the next level" "Finally, Benson broke a big run. Itís funny; after watching Peterson, Benson looks a half step slower." "Peterson is making a Heisman statement. Texas doesnít have an answer for him" "Whatís with the kissing up to Texas in the loss? Griese and Brad Nessler are dogging Peterson for wanting to go to Oklahoma because ďOklahoma does a better job of developing players and going for championships.Ē Uh, yeah. Where was he wrong"