Watch this incredible run by JD Runnels, sorry AD but this run is unreal

In my league, the person playing OU destroyed someone playing USC
and had this recap Adrian Peterson had 321 yards and 5 touchdowns on 27 carries
AD is unstoppable in the game

A BIG F U to AustinTheGreat who plays on xbox live, CHEESE, he ran AD in the direct snap every single play in OT Drill.
AustinTheGreat is a CHEESE PLAYER

NCAA 2006 OU Ratings, Adrian Peterson is an 97

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NCAA 2006 Video Game ALERT, #28 is a MONSTER

How's this for a strange NCAA 2006 game stats for number 28

From Diary of a Heisman Hopeful: IGN's diary about a feature in NCAA 2006. The player is a freshman at UCLA, and they face OU... "A few plays later and it's 21-7, and by the time the fourth quarter comes around, I've added a field goal to go up 24-7. Game over…right? Wrong. This is when Adrian Peterson goes nuts. A 40 yard run here, a 60 yard run there. Before I know it, I'm up 24-21" Screenshot from the Game

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Watch #28 in an incredible run
. I found another long td by #28, Click here for that clip
After 3 quarters, #28 had 12 carries for 207 yards and 2 tds

This video is from NCAA 2006, hits stores July 12 Watch more clips

Adrian Peterson will be the hardest guy to bring down in NCAA 2006!
98 for Breaking Tackles Rating

97 Overall look for #28 He's the strongest RB too
I see Reggie Bush is a 98 speed, its documented he runs a 4.4 40. Adrian Peterson is a 93 speed, and its documented Adrian runs a 4.4 40. hmmmmm

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Adrian Peterson is a 97 overall rating in NCAA 2006. Tied with Reggie Bush, and DeAngelo Williams
They have way undersold Peterson's strength, giving him a 78 when Maroney's a 72 and Bush a 68 is a bit off.