You will be the only entity in the USA who picks All-American teams who will not have Adrian Peterson on it. Do you know anything about college football or are you just an out-and-out SOONER hater? I noticed your Heisman vote too and it is just as ridiculous!

Curt Knutson
Ponca City, OK

Curt, you nailed me. I called Oklahoma sports information director Kenny Mossman, who informed me that, yes, is the only All-American team without Peterson. I just hate that. I hate to see so many experts whom I respect make the same mistake.

As for my Heisman vote, let's see. I voted Matt Leinart first and he finished ... first. I voted Jason White third and he finished ... third. I voted Alex Smith second, because of his statistics and because without him, Urban Meyer would still be coaching the Utes.