Adrian Peterson radio interview, bits from the interview

notes from the interview

shoulder going well, looking good

favored the shoulder a bit the last few years

he can lift. "no aggressive in the weight room yet"

how does it hinder you? "it hinders a little, i'm getting it strong"

fav run: A&M run

"first td, and the 80 yard"

read the mags? "yeah i look at the rankings"

who impresses AD in the gym: Lewis Baker, works hard. Travis Wilson"

new o line: "i feel i can (same success), we aren't hurting like people think we are

qb race: "all of them are good, they can all start, no worries"

as a pass receiver: "i like having the ball in my hands, get open, make some things happen"

220 right now, wants to be 225 for the season

impossible to be an average student, he likes to lay back and chill but gets hounded all the time, comes with the territory

considering the track team junior year