Remote Control: ESPN gives bowl viewers A.D. all day

We saw Adrian Peterson with his hands up, and we saw Adrian Peterson throwing up.

We saw him with his helmet on and his helmet off, bloody, happy, sad, running, falling and fumbling. ESPN took the approach of too much Peterson coverage wasn’t enough. Good sideline reporting by Holly Rowe, who explained the bizarre injury Peterson suffered on the sidelines while celebrating, hitting his head on a teammate’s helmet. Dan Fouts and Keith Jackson expressed what seemed like genuine awe of Peterson’s talents. Too bad Fouts, Jackson and the rest of the world’s sports leaders couldn’t have shown a little love for OU quarterback Rhett Bomar. Peterson was impressive, Clint Ingram saved the game, but Bomar won it. While all eyes were on the running back, Bomar and his freshman receivers were making all the plays against Oregon - that’s No. 6-ranked Oregon. Peterson is that good. He demands coverage. People want to know about him, but Bomar was definitely worthy of more than what he got from the broadcast booth - which was close to nothing. Fouts and Jackson should have been more complimentary. Thanks, coach

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