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Q: Well has it hit you that this is your first practice as a pro?
Adrian Peterson: Yeah, it's all sinking in. Just being out here and having that purple helmet on, representing the Vikings, it's tangible. It's finally here.

Q: Is there something you can take away from this rookie mini-camp?
Adrian Peterson: Yeah, the relationships you build with the guys and just the whole rookie class...just coming out here and working hard and competing.

Q: Does your collarbone feel okay?
Adrian Peterson: Yeah, I felt good out there running hard and just being there, just getting it done.

Q: Have you made any progress this week on the decision surrounding your collarbone?
Adrian Peterson: Actually I'm feeling good right now, so I'm just focused on learning my playbook, getting my playbook in and just coming out here and making guys better and working hard.

Q: Is there some point during the offseason where you will decide one way or the other to have surgery or not?
Adrian Peterson: I'm pretty sure eventually. Like I said, right now I'm just focusing on me. Right now I'm just focusing on getting these plays in. It's something you really have to study and put time in for to get these plays and the different terminology, the language. That's really my main focus right now. I've been out here practicing. It hasn't given me any problems so I'm just going to push right ahead.

Q: Did learning the playbook start yesterday?
Adrian Peterson: Yeah, yesterday.

Q: They had you catching some kicks today. How much of that have you done and is that something you'd like to do or will do?
Adrian Peterson: Oh definitely, any way I can contribute to the team, I'm willing to do it. Kickoff return, I did it back at the University of Oklahoma , and I'd love to do it if they feel the need for me to be out there.

Q: Have you gotten an appreciation for the fan buzz around here?
Adrian Peterson: Oh yeah, definitely. As soon as I got off the plane, or on the plane on the way to Dallas , Vikings fans were congratulating me and just welcoming me to Minneapolis . Like I said, I'm excited. I'm just here to try to help turn things around.

Q: Did people recognize you on the plane?
Adrian Peterson: Oh yes, coming from Dallas , flying in.

Q: Did you wear a Vikings hat or shirt on?
Adrian Peterson: I had a Vikings shirt on.

Q: Is this something you're prepared for, being what some may call the face of this franchise?
Adrian Peterson: Yeah, I'm definitely prepared for it. It's on a totally different level being in the NFL, but (college) kind of helped me work my way to being able to handle it. I feel like I've been prepared well, and I'm just looking forward to the experience.

Q: Is there anyone along the way who has given you advice on how to handle high expectations?
Adrian Peterson: Yeah, my coaches. Coach Stoop helped me; my dad and my mom (helped me). Basically it's just about being humble and just being yourself and never forgetting where you came from and knowing that when those little kids are walking up to you and asking for autographs, one day you were that kid asking different guys, whether it was on the college level or the NFL level. You were in their shoes, so basically it's just about being humble.

Q: Have you had any contact with Coach Childress about your role in the offense yet?
Adrian Peterson: No, we already talked, but basically I'm another contributor to the team. I'm going to go out there and in whatever way help my team win championships and the Super Bowl. I'm just willing to take that and go with it.

Q: ...
Adrian Peterson: Not really; it's a little bit but it's just the language, just learning the language. Once I get that squared away, I think everything will be good.

Q: Is catching passes something you can handle here? They didn't have you do too much of it at Oklahoma .
Adrian Peterson: No, not too much. It's definitely something I can handle. I'll continue to work on it. There's always room for improvement, just staying focused on the little things that are going to bring your game to the next level. Catching the ball is definitely one of the things they like to do with the running back, so I will just keep improving catching the ball and just my overall game.