Kurt (Cleveland, Ohio): Adrian, congrats on successful collegiate career! I was shocked & very disappointed when the Browns did not select you at #3. Did you think you were going to Cleveland at 3?
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: Yeah, I had heard that I was going to Cleveland at three, but you never know what's going to happen on draft day. But I'm happy being a Viking.
 ryan (melrose,ma): Hey Adrian,How big of a NCAA Football gamer are you?Best of luck in the NFL.
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: Oh, I'm a pretty big fan of the game. I'm a big gamer.
 Renard: Philadelphia, PA: Adrian, how do you feel about being such a high draft pick but having to come in and compete for the starting RB spot?
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: That's what it's all about. I'm the type of person that doesn't want anything handed to him. You're given a chance to compete and win the job. I'll give it my all.
 Mayor Movalson (Rice Juice, UP): So the commercial is about changing history, huh? Does this mean you're going to beat Boise State? Then you would have gotten the cover Jared Zabransky!

SportsNation Adrian Peterson: Yeah. I definitely wish I could go back and play that game again. But those guys played hard. Jared was a great QB. But getting the cover wouldn't have been my main reason to go back, it would be to get the victory.
 George (Laguna Beach, CA): How do you handle all the attention from the media, (It's got to be overwhelming at times)and keep your focus on your No. 1 job that is to help the Vikings win?
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: It's just staying focused. Coming out of high school, being rated the No. 1 player, you get a lot of attention. Then I had a lot of attention my first years at Oklahoma. I'm used to it. It's not too bad. You just go and do your interviews and make your appearances. But your main objective is to win the games.
 Marc (Minneapolis, MN): Have you gotten tired of all the questions about your collarbone yet?
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: Yeah. The dust has settled a little bit about that question. I was cleared. It's calmed down a lot on that subject.
 Michael Living St Louis Mo: Do you think that you are ready for the NFL and do you think you should start over Chester Taylor?
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: Yeah, I really feel like I can come in and make an immediate impact. That's how I approach it - to be the best in everything I do. I'm working hard, practicing hard. We'll see how things go on the field. I want to go in and contribute to the team. I'll let them figure out who plays when.
 Malcolm: Timberlake, NC: When you were in high school, did you ever think you'll make it to the NFL?
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: Oh yeah. It started way before high school. Growing up in Pee Wee when I started playing ball, you watch the games with your uncles and all that and that's your dream. It's been a dream since I was 7. I just knew the hard work and being dedicated - the hard work would pay off.
 Phil (Columbia, SC): Adrian - loved watching you in college and love your running style...but its gotta be pretty intimidating knowing you have to face Brian Urlacher and co. twice a year right??
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: No, it's not intimidating at all. I like competition. I like playing against the tough guys and going against the best. I'm looking forward to it.
 Mike (Dallas, TX): Adrian, what is the biggest thing you will miss about Norman, OK that's not football related?
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: Just being around my coaches. I've built a relationship with my coaches. I have a lot of relationships down there. It's a great college town. That would be the thing I would miss the most.
 Matt Eagan,MN: Hey Adrian,What's the most nervous feeling you've ever had before a game and how do you deal with it?Thanks Good Luck this season!
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: I say every game I'm nervous. I just go out and get that first snap and going as hard as I can. Once you get that first play over and that first hand off, it's gone.
 Harrison (Richmond, VA): AP, what are your initial impressions of T-Jack?
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: I think he's a great QB. I talked to him a couple of times. I feel like he's ready to do big things after working hard and competing. He's trying to get himself ready for the season. I think you can expect big things from him.
 Marc Kirkson (Minneapolis, MN): How did having so much talent at OU prepare you for the NFL, and do you think you'll be better or worse off because of it?
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: It helped a lot. Being in the Big 12 and playing against those caliber of teams every year. Then there's a lot of great defenses in the league and at Oklahoma. You compete against them every day in practice. Those guys are now in the NFL and playing extremely well. They get you ready.
 SportsNation Adrian Peterson: I appreciate all the support. Keep following my career. I expect good things. Continue to be supportive. I really and truly appreciate it. The fans are what keep us going.