Oklahoma's football players recently completed their preseason testing in the areas of strength, speed and jumping ability.  The results reveal that this team once again has some serious athletes.

Bench Press
OL: Chase Beeler, 420 pounds
TE/FB: Joe Jon Finley, 420
RB: Jacob Gutierrez, 430
QB: Paul Thompson, 365
WR: Fred Strong, 315
DT: DeMarcus Granger, 420
DE: John WIlliams, 430
LB: Rufus Alexander, 420
DB: Keenan Clayton, 365

Vertical Jump
OL: Brandon Walker, 30 inches
TE/FB: Joe Jon Finley, 34
RB: Adrian Peterson, 39.5
QB: Paul Thompson, 36
WR: Juaquin Iglesias, 36
DT: Adrian Taylor, 35
DE: Auston English, 35
LB: Demarrio Pleasant, 36.5
DB: Marcus Walker, 38.5*
* Reggie Smith 38, Keenan Clayton 37.5

Power Clean
OL: Chris Messner, 325 pounds
TE/FB: Matt Clapp, Joe Jon Finley, 345
RB: Allen Patrick, 310
QB: Paul Thompson, 320
WR: Quentin Chaney, 325
DT: Cory Bennett, 430
DE: C.J. Ah You, 360
LB: Rufus Alexander, 340
DB: Keenan Clayton, 375

40-Yard Dash
OL: Chris Messner, 5.05 seconds
TE/FB: Ian Pleasant, 4.67
RB: Adrian Peterson, 4.37
QB: Paul Thompson, 4.58
WR: Juaquin Iglesias, 4.45
DT: Cory Bennett, 4.85
DE: C.J. Ah You, 4.70
LB: Lewis Baker, Zach Latimer, 4.56.
DB: Marcus Walker, 4.46